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Damadamm enjoys stable collections courtesy positive word of mouth - Bollywoodhungama

Damadamm DVDs now available on a site called flipkart


"In 2005-2007, there waz an era whereby HIMESH - DJ AKBAR SAMI formed a super-hit combo...it is hoped that with this new developing relationship bond of Himesh with Edward Maya, they could form a long lasting association, whereby Edward would atleast remix 1 TOP TUNE in every Himesh Reshammiya album...perhaps too much to ask for! However, Umrao Jaan remix would be a good trailer for da start build up in terms of 'picture abhi baaki hai mere dost' i.e. with da release of @ da edge" - diehard

After watching the 1st look video, Aamir Khan rightly complimented that Himesh is the master of marketing, after all self praise is the best praise coz if you don't blow your own trumpet then no1 else gonna blow it on your behalf for you either. This is a very good trait inhabited by Himesh to highlight his achievements and accomplishments.

Meanwhile, the first theatrical trailer of Himesh's rom-com DAMADAMM will be included in the prints of DOUBLE DHAMAAL. "It was gracious of Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria to accommodate the theatrical trailer with their film," Himesh says. Meanwhile, the promotions of DAMADAMM gather speed and momentum from next month onwards. "Though major films are slated for release in Diwali [RA.ONE and RASCALS], DAMADAMM is sure to make its mark. I am also sure that there cannot be a better period than Diwali for a feel-good comedy, if made well," Himesh states.

The second theatrical trailer of DAMADAMM will be included with the prints of the Salman starrer BODYGUARD.



Label : T-Series , HR Musik

Track List (total 15 songs - 10 original, 5 remix):

1. Damadamm - Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet, Alam Gir Khan, & Others    
2. Umrao Jaan - Himesh Reshammiya & Purbi Joshi    
3. Aaja Ve - Himesh Reshammiya    
4. Madhushala - Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma    
5. Yun Toh Mera Dil - Himesh Reshammiya & Sadhana Sargam    
6. Hum Tum - Himesh Reshammiya & Vaishali Made    
7. Tere Bina - Himesh Reshammiya    
8. I Need My Space - Himesh Reshammiya    
9. Mango - Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma  

10. Bhool Jaaun (Promotional Video Song) - Himesh Feat & Sachin Gupta 
11. Damadamm (Remix) - Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh & Others    
12. Umrao Jaan (Remix) - Himesh Reshammiya & Purbi Joshi    
13. Aaja Ve (Remix) - Himesh Reshammiya    
14. Madhushala (Remix) - Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma    
15. Madhushala (House Mix) - Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma    

Release Dates

"HR Musik n Universal Music have a TRUMP CARD up their sleeves in da form of 1st single of @ DA EDGE, if they get da TIMING right n release it just a fortnite or week b4 Damadamm...then that would be da required DHAMAKA that would indirectly help its BO prospects to boost further." - diehard

Damadamm music released on 7th Sepember.

Damadamm film releases on this Diwali.


Damadamm on Colors

Now you can watch the world television premiere of Damadamm on 18th December at 5.30 pm on Colors along with popcorn or any other food and drinks of your choice. Considering that Himesh won rave reviews, most critics gave it a thumbs up and whosoever saw the film in theaters gave positive feedback reports, this is indeed a very good move by the makers to showcase the film on small screen as that allows for a lot of audience reach and so it would let them witness for themselves that Damadamm was a decent watch and had overall quality content as a total package. Plus, the revenue earned from sale of TV satellite rights would only add to the final BO tally and go in favor of the makers.

Second Time Lucky!

For Himesh Reshammiya, releasing Damadamm! during Diwali along with Shah Rukh Khan’s magnum opus RA.One was a huge risk but the gamble paid off

It was a decision he should have never made – to release Damadamm! during the Diwali season as Shah Rukh Khan’s mega-venture RA.One was bound to outshine all other releases. But the gamble paid off and Himesh Reshammiya is one happy man!

According to distributor Rajesh Thadani, Reshammiya has locked his second success in Damadamm!, following Aap Kaa Surroor. Thadani says, “The film is running steady in its second week and it has been assigned additional shows at various places in Gujarat.”

As per the Mumbai distributor, in spite of RA.One and merely a few shows earlier allotted to Damadamm!, Reshammiya’s film did well due to the appreciation it received, word-of-mouth and its superhit music.

As for the numbers: First eight days: Rs 4.25 crore net all-India. Mumbai: Rs 1.58 crore; Delhi: Rs 87.5 lakh; Punjab: Rs 39.5 lakh; Mysore: Rs 30.5 lakh;  CP/CI/RAJ: Rs 51 lakh; Nizam: Rs 26.5 lakh; Eastern circuits: Rs 27 lakh; others: Rs 5 lakh. The print and advertising costs, amounting to Rs 2.1 crore, have already been recovered from the music rights, Indian video and overseas rights, which were sold for Rs 2.31 crore (Music Rs 1.71 crore, Indian video Rs 30 lakh and overseas rights Rs 30 lakh). The low cost of production, around Rs 3 crore, was recovered through satellite rights.

A proud Reshammiya says that his phone hasn’t stopped ringing since Damadamm! hit the big screen, and he’s been flooded with complimentary SMSes too. “I’m glad people appreciated my work.”

Before he starts work on his next film, the actor will head for Ajmer Sharif to offer prayers. “I have never received this kind of a response for my performance. In fact, many have told me that I have finally been accepted as an actor. It’s a proud moment for me,” adds Reshammiya.

He further says that the cost of production for Damadamm! has already been recovered from satellite and music rights. “Apart from this, theatrical collections of the film have been steady and have yielded Rs 4.25 crore net all-India in eight days, which is not bad at all considering it’s a low-cost film and the shows were limited due to RA.One.”

The film has met with a positive response and for Reshammiya, this is just the beginning. His production house, which has already announced Khiladi 786, has big plans. “Apart from film production, my music company HR Musik is also doing many things which I will reveal soon,” he quips.

PS: We all still remember that Reshammiya has a huge fan base all over the world. Remember when his fans swamped him and he couldn’t enter a dargah, he had to slip in wearing a burkha. Of course, this led to a huge controversy but it’s etched in one’s memory forever.

We hope, this time, Reshammiya takes adequate security.


Himesh Bounces Back

Aamir Khan once said that whenever he sees a cap, he thinks of Himesh Reshammiya. And it seems the cap has worked for Reshammiya once again. Call it superstition but Reshammiya donned a cap in Aap Kaa Surroor and the film was a success.

He did it again in Damadamm! and ever since the movie released, he’s been flooded with compliments for his performance. According to people close to Reshammiya, thanks to the film’s low cost of production, the music director-turned-actor has made money and is now has some BIG plans.

Reshammiya definitely has reason to celebrate and a big success party is expected soon.


Himesh plans Ajmer Sharif visit as Damdamm nets Rs.3.7 crore in one week

Himesh Reshammiya's gamble of releasing Damadamm on Diwali weekend alongside Ra.One has paid off. With consistent collections right through it's first seven days (Damadamm had released last Thursday), the film has now netted Rs. 3.7 crores at the box office. While the film is already in profits courtesy low cost of making and a celebration party has been planned with Salman Khan, Himesh hasn't forgotten to pay a visit to Ajmer Sharif, something that he had promised himself well before the release of Damadamm.

"Yes, Himesh is ecstatic", says a close associate, "It is four years after Aap Kaa Surroor - The Moviee that he has seen good success as a leading man in a film. He is now getting further aggressive about his acting plans ahead and Khiladi 786 - Made In Punjab with Akshay Kumar is the next step in this direction. However, before that he is scheduling a visit to Ajmer Sharif."

There are preparations that are required to be made beforehand though since in his earlier visit to Ajmer Sharif, he had to wear a 'burqa' to safeguard himself from overzealous fans.

"Situation tends to get a little out of hand when a celebrity arrives in a crowded religious place like Ajmer Sharif", says a close associate of the actor, "However, wearing a 'burqa' has it's own implications, something that Himesh hasn't forgotten after it led to controversies in the past. Let's see what's the strategy that he adopts this time around. Since 'burqa' seems out of question, he would have to do with added security."

Meanwhile coming back to the collections of Damadamm, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines has confirmed the figure of Rs. 3.7 crores while sharing the break up as follows:

Mumbai:  Rs. 1 crore 36 lakh

Delhi:  Rs. 77.5 lakhs

Punjab:  Rs. 34.5 lakhs

Mysore:  Rs. 26.5 lakhs

CP/CI/Rajasthan:  Rs. 45 lakhs

Nizam:  Rs. 23.5 lakhs

East:  Rs. 24 lakhs

Others: Rs. 5 lakhs


Salman to join Himesh for Damadamm success party

When Salman Khan returns to India after the overseas shoot of Ek Tha Tiger is through, he has a party waiting for him in Mumbai. Himesh Reshammiya, who is on cloud nine with Damadamm recovering its cost and now en route to making profits, has planned a success party for the film. Though it may just be apt for Himesh to schedule the event now, he is waiting for Salman to be back as he doesn't wish to celebrate without him.

Says a source close to Himesh, "Yes, Himesh is indeed ecstatic with response to Damadamm and is now throwing a party. He has sounded his team that they would have to wait for a while though before the party takes place since Salman is currently out and his presence is a must. He feels that 'bhai' is not only his mentor and brother but also his lucky charm. Even earlier he had given as many as 12 chartbuster albums with Salman and when he decided to return to composing, he chose Bodyguard. That album turned out to be a good success as well, hence initiating yet another winning run with Damadamm fetching him good appreciation."

One can well see Himesh continuing his personal relationship with Salman's family as well, what with a special trial show being hosted for Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Agnihotri and Sangeeta Bijlani who apparently loved the way.

"Now it's going to be party time", the source continues, "Along with Salman, the entire Khan family including Salim uncle are also being sent invitations. It is going to be one of the most talked about success parties ever."


Himesh Reshammiya is in the 'green'!

Himesh receives overflow in profits from music collections as music has become super hit and collections of Damadamm are also picking up...

Himesh is truly smiling although competing with RA ONE has been tough for Himesh. the collections of Damadamm have shown a jump on each day which proves that the film has been appreciated for its content and Himesh is happy that the production cost of this movie which was not so high has already recovered its cost from Satellite sales and its super hit music.

Having receiving huge overflows in profits from T Series (as H R Musiz and T Series has jointly released its music), Himesh said, "I am happy. Everything that we earn from now on will be considered profit. We've just broken even. My print cost and advertisement cost as a distributor has been covered by the sales done by the music alone. I am hoping to work even harder on my new projects."


Himesh Reshammiya is happy

The release of his film "Damadamm" had given Himesh Reshammiya reason to smile.

The singer-turned-actor is elated by how the movie has performed and the kind of response it has got. The film is believed to have recovered all the costs through its satellite and ancillary revenues.

Despite the fact that the film released opposite Shah Rukh Khan's ambitious project "RA.One", Himesh has received quite a favourable response and he feels that the box office collections will further improve in the coming days.

The romantic comedy has showcased Reshammiya in a different light altogether. In his earlier films, and his songs even, Himesh's portrayed as a serious guy, which is not the case in this film.

Talking about the revenue collection of his film, Himesh says, "I am happy that anything that comes from the theatres is a profit for me since my print and advertising cost as a distributor has been covered due to the profits made by the music and satellite alone."

The actor clearly seems quite excited about how his film has done.


Shah Rukh's 'Ra.One' loses out to low-budget film

'Damadamm' eats into sci-fi blockbuster's revenues

'Ra.One' - Shah Rukh Khan's magnum opus, the film that saw unprecedented promotion and that claimed to recover the cost in the opening weekend - has reportedly lost to a small-budget movie.

If you thought that a film’s budget ensures its box-office success, then you are in for a surprise. This Diwali saw the release of three films - Himesh Reshammiya’s 'Damadamm', Hema Malini’s 'Tell Me O Kkhuda' and King Khan’s 'Ra.One'.

While 'Ra.One' definitely garnered maximum eye balls, thanks to Shah Rukh Khan’s stupendous PR skills, when it came to setting the cash registers ringing, it wasn’t the real G.One. It lost out to 'Damadamm'. According to industry experts, 'Damadamm' in spite critics’ views, has already recovered its cost, and is running to more packed houses than the other two.

Reasons enough to make singer turned actor a happy man. After all, winning against the King Khan’s big project is no mean a feat. But there are other reasons too. Besides recovering the production cost, the film is also gaining from the satellite rights and music album sale.

Says Himesh, “Anything that comes from the theatres now is a profit for me.

Thanks to the music sale, I have already recovered the cost on prints and advertising.”

The actor cum composer, who also is the distributor of the film further adds, “This is my second hit after 'Aap Kaa Surroor'. I really needed this hit to prove my credibility as an actor. This was a very challenging moment for me, as I had two big movies pitted against mine. It was very important for me to get a hit and make my comeback appeal. I am happy that my fans are still the same for me. Now I am gearing up for my next projects, which will be much bigger in scale.”

Movie trade guru Atul Mohan says: "'Damadamm' has recovered the money. It is a low budget movie and hence has been the most successful movie this week. It has one good job. It had 'Ra.One' and 'Tell Me O Kkhuda' opposite to it. 'Ra.One' was in fact the big challenge but 'Tell Me O Kkhuda' completely failed. So 'Damadamm' stood tall at the end of the day. 'Tell Me O Kkhuda' was supposed to release last year and there was no word of mouth. The film did not even have good media attention so there were many reason for its failure.”

Money Wise

The figure says it all - 'Damadamm' was made at a cost of Rs3crore (Dh2.23m).The cost on print and advertising was about Rs2crore and Rs10lakh (Dh100,000).

Indian video and music rights went for Rs4crore and Rs62lakh.

The satellite rights for India and overseas were given out for Rs3crore. The theatrical collection in the first week itself was calculated around Rs2crore and 40lakh.


RA.One can rule the highways

Renowned director, producer, scriptwriter and actor of the small screen is now all set to make her B-Town debut as a director with the movie Damadamm.

Swapna Waghmare Joshi, who has directed TV soaps like Kutumb, Karam, Karishma Ka Karishma, Rang Badalti Odhaniand was the creative director of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki; is a household name in the TV industry. And after her long stint of over 20 years with the small screen, the director is now ready to take on the silver screen.

When we ask her whether it made it any easy to work with relatively new people in the movie, she says, "I work with raw newcomers in all my shows. And Himesh Reshammiya is great. He has produced shows and written for TV before. And he is very passionate about his work. I have worked with Sonal during Hotel Kingston. And Purbi has done TV shows. So they have all been there done that. And we had theatre workshops also."

Damadamm is releasing opposite Shah Rukh Khan's most ambitious project till date RA.One. So the obvious question is, is it a good time for the release of the film? Swapna laughs and replies, "I was numb for a few minutes when I heard the release date. I myself am a big Shah Rukh fan. But Diwali can take a romantic-comedy. And this is the time when families can go out and watch this fun, feel-good movie. RA.Onecan rule the highways; Damadammwill rule the small streets!"


This Diwali Himesh beats SRK, delivering far superior product. NG salutes Himesh

The news pouring in is that Himesh has royally whipped Queen Khan by delivering a far superior product than the 200+ cr cost, Magnum Bogus called Ra.One (which has been dubbed Ro.one by the audience). Damadamm is far credible cause this is as a budget at a fraction of the Magnum Bogus.

To substantiate these claims, here are the ratings of inhouse critic Suprabh for both these movies

Damadamm – www.naachgaana.com/2011/10/30/my-take-on-damadamm – 6/10

Ro.One – http://www.naachgaana.com/2011/10/28/my-take-on-ra-one-2/ – 4/10

This is the case all over where people are appreciating Himesh movie and outrightly rejecting Ro.one. Even the intelligent SRK fans have acknowledged that .. comments from SB below

30 Oct 11, 03:30
 don2.rocks: damadam is actually a better movie

30 Oct 11, 03:30
 don2.rocks: thats what it seems

other SRK fans, some of whom are already on anti-depressants will not be pleased when they read about such reports

But NG needs to give credit where it is due. So, Congrats Himesh, for delivering the best movie of Diwali 2011. We wish you could have shown up in Christmas too where audience would be subjected to another torture in Gone-2


Swapna Waghmare Joshi is in the big league

She’s had a successful run on television as director and creative head on some of the most successful daily soaps like Kutumb, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Teen Bahuraaniyan and hopes to convert the same on the silver screen too. For debutant director Swapna Waghmare Joshi, Damadamm holds promises for a positive start to her filmi career.

“I didn’t choose the film — the film chose me,” recollects Swapna, adding, “I’ve known Himesh (Reshammiya) for quite some time now and one fine day, I got a call from his office with the offer. I had been contemplating making a feature film for long time and thought why not.” Of course, the film she chose to start off her stint in Bollywood, which turned out to be, firstly, a Himesh Reshammiya film and secondly, it shared its release date with one of the biggest films of the year, Ra.One.

“I’m excited and it’s a beautiful feeling actually. Ra.One was undoubtedly the most anticipated release of the year but my advantage is Diwali. Moreover, big releases happen every now and then, does that mean other films won’t release at all?” she quips.

The cast wasn’t tough to decide on, according to Swapna. “I had worked with Sonal (Sehgal) on the television serial Hotel Kingston, and she agreed even before listening to the script. Himesh and I sat discussing one day that we wanted the other girl to be someone who didn’t carry any earlier baggage and both of us mentioned Purbi’s (Joshi) name simultaneously,” Swapna informs. And she is all praise for Himesh, the actor. “He’s one of the most adjusting actors I’ve come across. The way he completely surrenders himself to a director is surprising,” she says. Quiz her if his previous flops bothered her least bit and she states, “I’m a first-time director myself. Does it justify my commenting on someone’s hits and flops?”

Having spent years working in television, the director feels that while the work ethics remain the same for the small and large screen, there’s one big difference.

“While one has the leeway of the number of hours to tell a story on the small screen, a film is compact with the audience looking at each frame attentively,” she states, adding, “Hence one needs to be very particular about what one wants — there’s no scope for doubt.”


Himesh to perform Damadamm unplugged songs in his music studio

teaser 1

teaser 2

Ra.One: Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie gets 95 per cent of shows across multiplexes

Shah Rukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of his Diwali release RA.One. And lady luck, too, seems to be on his side. While Khan has roped in the two icons of the film industry - Rajinikanth and Amitabh Bachchan, for his opus, multiplex owners have ensured that audiences get little chance of watching anything else this Diwali by giving the film 95 percent of the shows.

Earlier, Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots got a 65 percent share of screenings when it released alongside James Cameron's Avatar. Salman Khan's Dabangg got a 70 percent while Bodyguard got 80 percent SRK, with a 95 percent share for RA.One has beaten the others hands down.

Apparently, it wasn't SRK who decided the share. In a meeting last afternoon, multiplex owners, out of the three releases this Diwali, decided to screen 95 percent shows of RA.One.

The other two releases this Diwali - Esha Deol's comeback vehicle Tell Me O Kkhuda and Himesh Reshammiya's Damadamm! have managed to acquire one or two shows in most multiplexes. In fact, Damadamm! might not be seen at all in a few theatres.

Confirming the story, Anand Vishal, Head of Operations, Fun Cinemas told Mumbai Mirror, "Damadamm! will not have an all India distribution strategy. It will be a selective release. As for Tell Me O Kkhuda, we might have three shows in some of our theatres and one show in others depending on the size of the theatre in question."

A source from Cinemax India also confirmed that RA.One is getting 95 per cent shows in their chain. "Picture ki publicity bahut hui hai. There is a lot of buzz about it. It's purely a business decision," said the source.

Talking about the decision taken by multiplex owners, trade analyst Amod Mehra said, "I am not surprised. Whenever expectations are high, exhibitions are also high. What one needs to understand is that this is not a fight between SRK, Aamir and Sallu. The fight is between SRK and Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh's last three films have been disasters. On the other hand, Tell Me O Kkhuda comprises mostly of senior actors. So why is it unfair to let RA.One have most shows?"

However, Himesh has said in a recent bollywoodhungama interview that his Damadamm required 400 screens which he is getting as per his distributor reports.


Sallu takes Himesh’s side, panga with SRK

Salman Khan, after patching up with Himesh Reshammiya and giving him the opportunity to come back to music composing with Bodyguard, has now decided to help Himesh's upcoming film Damadamm! Salman, who returns to India on October 21, will be watching Himesh's film in a specially organised trial. Interestingly, Himesh's comeback venture is slated to release on the same day as Salma's once-good-friend Shah Rukh Khan's opus RA.One.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, "Salman is overseas shooting for Ek Tha Tiger. He will return home on October 21. Salman loved the promos of Himesh's films especially the songs Umraao Jaan and Madhudhaala. Himesh, who has always considered Salman his lucky charm, wanted to show the film to him. Salman agreed immediately."

"Salman and Himesh are very close. Salman has been giving Himesh tips on film promotion as well. Himesh seems to need as many tips as possible considering his film clashes with SRK's RA.One this Diwali. Now, with Salman coming to watch Damadamm! the attention will shift to Himesh's film. Salman, needless to say, will choose Himesh's Damadamm this Diwali," added the source.

When contacted Himesh said, "Salmanbhai has liked the promos and I want my lucky charm Salmanbhai to see the film as soon as possible. Although my film will be competing against Ra.One, I am super confident that Damadamm! will also make a mark. I am sure that the product will bring a smile on every face."

Interestingly, Salman is now a part of both the films that are pitted against RA.One this Diwali. The actor is a part of a promotional video for Esha Deol's comeback film Tell Me O Khhuda, which releases a day before RA.One. And now, Salman has decided to help Himesh with tips on movie promotion for Damadamm!


It's Himesh vs Shah Rukh this Diwali

The Hindi film industry has always encashed the prolonged festive season of India. Several producers wait for the entire year to get a releasing slot on either Eid or Diwali and this patience pays back too. Normally the industry gets its biggest blockbusters during this season only.

So far this year too has remained true to this popular notion. Salman Khan's Eid release 'Bodyguard' has broken almost all records despite being a mediocre film.

However the battle does not look as intense as the last year when two relatively established directors had clashed with full momentum. Rohit Shetty had emerged as the winner with box office success 'Golmaal 3' while Vipul Shah had to rely more on the money generated due to the selling of satellite rights of 'Action Replayy'.

Shah Rukh Khan was eyeing this season since a long time and now his 'RA.One' is all set to go public but the chances of his success is more than any other simultaneously releasing film.

With huge marketing cost and shrewd promotional drive 'RA.One' looks to kill the enthusiasm for any other film but other contenders have the confidence to stay in the game for their variety of subjects and presentation style.

The Diwali war begins four days ahead of it when 'Be careful' is appearing in halls.

The drama will take the viewers to exotic beaches of Goa and Thailand where two friends Andy and Sam want to break free from the clutches of their wives and have fun with beach girls. Some known faces as Rajneesh Duggal and Tanisha Mukherjee are in the film which promises the audiences of a raunchy Thailand trip.

'Tell Me O Khuda' and 'Damadamm' will follow the trend and hit the screens on Friday, October 27, the next day after Diwali.

Directed by Hema Malini and Mayur Puri together 'Tell me O khuda' is an implausible tale of a young hard willed girl Tanya who sets out to search her actual roots. She does not think twice before trying all out to reach for her goal in life. The film features four veterans Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor, Farooq Sheikh and Vinod Khanna along with almost forgotten Esha Deol.

If there is one person in Bollywood with 'never say die attitude', it's Himesh Reshammiya.

Reshammiya is returning to the tinsel town with a bigger grin and better acting style. The songs of 'Damadamm' are already hit and with a niche fan base, 'Damadamm' might get a decent opening.

Daring but small filmmakers have always taken chance to release their films with biggies if they have confidence on their content quality. So, even when 'RA.One' has hogged all the limelight, others will also try to have their share of the success pie.


Himesh buys Damadamm's theatrical rights

Himesh Reshammiya had decided to do more than just act, sing and compose the music for his comeback venture.

He had decided to take the music rights of the film as well. And now, after Studio 18, the original producers, decided to hold back the release of the film, the actor has taken up theatrical rights as well. Determined to make a big comeback to acting, Reshammiya will now ensure that Damadamm! unlike his last film Kajraa Re, which released in only one theatre in Mumbai, gets a proper release this Diwali.

Studio 18, now called Viacom Motion Pictures, was apprehensive about the film's capability to rake up the required profits. "Studio 18 made the film in a budget of Rs 12 crore. They estimated a publicity budget of Rs 6 crore," revealed a source close to the production house.

Explaining why the production house chose to hold back the film's release, the source added, "The film was launched when Himesh starrer Radio failed to generate the expected profits at the box office.

Then Bhushan Kumar released his film Kajraa Re in just one show in Capitol theatre, Mumbai. Studio 18 decided to wait for the Himesh frenzy to resurface. But it never came back. So, they kept the film on the backburner."

A friend of Reshammiya, however, chose to defend the actor and said, "Himesh had asked for a Rs 6 crore fee for being an actor as well as the music director for Damadamm! He was paid only Rs 4.25 crore.

They failed to make the balance payment of Rs 1.75 crore for a long time. Studio 18 became Viacom Motion Pictures and still Himesh was waiting for his dues."

"Himesh worked very hard on this film. He feels it's a winner. He simply went ahead and bought the theatrical distribution rights and the music rights of Damadamm! with his pending payment of Rs 1.75 crore. He will now be releasing the film himself under the banner of HR Musik. What's wrong in that?" added the friend.

Officials at Viacom Motion Pictures refrained from commenting on the story. Reshammiya too remained silent.


'Damadamm' director Swapna Waghmare Joshi on her first film

DAMADAMM may be her first feature film, but director Swapna Waghmare Joshi is an established and a hugely respected name in television circles. "Feature film was always on the cards and I am glad I am making my debut with DAMADAMM," Swapna tells me. DAMADAMM is a significant film for a lot of people involved with it, especially Himesh [whose HR Musik presents the film], leading ladies Purbi Joshi and Sonal Sehgal and of course, Swapna. "I am a big fan of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's movies and wanted my first film to be on similar lines. Beneath all the song and masala that's integrated in the story of a film, you will find characters you can relate to, when you watch the film," she states.

Though Swapna is a veteran in her field, she can't stop singing praises of Himesh Reshammiya's dedication to his craft. "He is one of the most committed professionals I know. The one thing I realized while working with Himesh on DAMADAMM is that he went that extra mile to get the role right. Prior to its filming, when I mentioned that we need to conduct workshops with the co-actors, Himesh agreed pronto and worked really hard on getting the role right. Today, when I look back, I feel no one could have essayed the role with as much conviction as Himesh," she states.

Such lavish praises from one of the biggest success stories on television... Himesh should be feeling on top of the world, for sure.


Himesh Reshammiya visited Navratri Pandals to promote his film DAMADAMM

Himesh Reshammiya is totally charged up for the release of his new film DAMADAMM. He visited three Navratri Pandals in Mumbai to promote his film. Fisrt he went to Kora Kendra where he performed for more than fifteen minutes.

Himesh was given trophy by Ganesh Naidu, Pankaj Kotecha and Yogesh Lakhani. Then he went to Vardhaman Ekta Navratri and last went to Malpani grounds for promotion. While singing he told that DAMADAMM is releasing on 27th Oct all over. This is best way to promote the film as Himesh is gujju and the locality belongs to Gujaratis and Marwaris.


'Damadamm' will prove why I became an actor

His 'Aap ka Suroor', 'Karzz', 'Kajrare' and 'Radio' did not do well at the box office but singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya is confident that his upcoming film 'Damadamm' will prove why he became an actor.

After winning hearts with his music in films like 'Tere Naam', 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya', and 'Namastey London', Himesh plunged into acting. But after his films didn't do well, Himesh says, it raised questions as to why became an actor.

"Aap ka Suroor was a hit, but the three flops after that is a burden on me. I am confident 'Damadamm' will relieve me of it. There is a debate about why I became an actor and this film will answer that," Himesh told PTI.

All his previous films revolved around serious romantic storylines but Himesh is venturing into comedy for the first time with 'Damadamm'. And the 38-year-old says he has Kishore Kumar as his inspiration because he was the only singer-actor who was successful.

"When Kajrare and Karzz didn't do well, I thought that we should make an honest film which will make people spend 200 bucks for a ticket, and it will carry forward the comedy tradition established by Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn with films like 'Garam Masala' and 'Golmaal.

"Kishoreda was the only singer-actor who was successful. My first film was a hit that's why people still want see me and I am getting the chance to make movies," he said.

The film, directed by Swapna Waghmare, has Himesh play the role of a henpecked boyfriend who is fed up of his nagging girlfriend. He gets to breathe some fresh air once the she leaves for 15 days to attend a family function.

"The film is a new age freedom struggle, freedom from nagging people," Himesh said, jokingly.

It’s his first comedy, also produced under his banner and Himesh is confident that the film will work, despite releasing on the same day as Shahrukh Khan's ambitious project 'Ra.One'.

"Damadam is produced under my banner and it is a comedy releasing with a huge competition, but we are confident that it will do the same trick as Golmaal and other comedy films," said, Himesh, who is trying new ways of promoting his film, including a web concert on ArtistAloud.com.

"Digital concert is a space for personal interaction with listeners, it’s a new concept in India and challenging for an artiste. I have always tried new ways to market my music," he added.

Himesh, who has been concentrating on his own films in the past few years, recently composed music for the Salman Khan-starrer 'Bodyguard', which has become very popular. The composer says he took a one-and-a-half year hiatus to reinvent himself.

"I have been working since I was 16, and I am 38 now. The gap was necessary to reinvent myself, to create new music, from which three songs in 'Bodyguard' have become hits. I have also collaborated with new bands and artistes and will release those gradually. We are also making 3-4 films under my banner. The break helped me make a comeback."

Himesh, who started in Bollywood by scoring music for Salman's movies, says he will be working for the superstar again very soon.

"I will also be making music for 'Namastey London 2' and 'Dangerous Ishq'."


Damadamm has broken the music record of Bodyguard: Himesh

Himesh Reshammiya is busy promoting his comeback film. He claims that the music of the film has already broken the record of the Salman Khan-starrer Bodyguard on the music charts.

"Damadamm has broken the music record of Bodyguard,  everyone is talking about!" he gushed excitedly. In an attempt to capture the attention of the audiences, he has also released a promotional music video from the film, which is the title track.

He is very confident that this song too will do well. In the video, we will see his leading lady Purvi Joshi and Himesh driving an Audi.


Himesh Reshammiya in a good mood

Himesh Reshammiya was in a good mood as he got together with Sonal Sehgal and Purbi Joshi to shoot a new video for their film Damadamm.

Himesh made sure that his leading ladies were well looked after at the shoot. The trio spent a lot of time chatting and cracking jokes before they were summoned for the shooting. Who says work can't be fun?


Got a chance to walk on same path as Kishore-da

Himesh Reshammiya, who will be seen in an unusual comic avatar in 'Damadamm!', is confident about his comedy skills and draws inspiration from the legendary singer-actor Kishore Kumar.

'In a way, I can say that I have got a chance to walk on the same path as Kishore-da because I am attempting comedy. I feel those who are serious singers can do comedy well. I promise I will try my best,' added Himesh, who was shooting a promotional video for the film, told reporters.

Himesh earlier featured in serious roles in movies like 'Karzzzz', 'Radio' and 'Kajraare' - but they didn't fetch as much success as he garnered through his singing or even his compositions. But he hopes audiences will accept him in the new genre.

'I'm a Kishore Kumar fan. He was a great actor, his comedy was great, his singing was wonderful. Somewhere I've been tagged as a singer-turned-actor, and earlier, people said that if singers turn into actors, their films don't work.

'But Kishore-da's films worked. Thanks to god's grace, my film 'Aap Ka Suroor' worked. Yes, two to three films didn't work after that, so this ('Damadamm!') is a test if my film can do well or not,' he said.

'Damadamm!' is scheduled to release Oct 27, a day after Shah Rukh Khan's much-awaited 'RA.One' hits the screens. But Himesh is not worried.

'I am a huge Shah Rukh Khan myself and I am looking forward to 'RA.One'. I will see that film first. But if you see the past five years' track record, comedy films have done quite well. So I am not worried. I am quite confident that around Diwali, the audience would like variety and would like to see a light-hearted comedy film like 'Damadamm!',' he said.

The film, directed by Swapna Waghmare, also features Sonal Sehgal and Purbi Joshi.


Himesh dedicates 'Umrao Jaan' to Rekha

Himesh Reshammiya certainly knows when to strike hard. Now that his fun-n-peppy number 'Umrao Jaan' from Damadamm is picking up steam with every passing day, Himesh is dedicating the song to none other than celluloid's original 'Umrao Jaan' - Rekha.

Says a close associate of Himesh, "He understands that Umrao Jaan stays on to be a classic while his Damadamm is more in a Hrishikesh Mukherjee mode. Also from the presentation and treatment perspective, his song is poles apart from the magic that Rekhaji had created in Umrao Jaan. However, it is hard to remember any song from the past or present which has actually celebrated the essence of Umrao Jaan. It is for this very reason why he wishes to dedicate the song to her. He believes no one can and no one will ever be able to emulate what the actress did on screen three decades back."

Meanwhile even as Himesh's version of 'Umrao Jaan' continues to find audience not just in India but also overseas, the man has not just returned with a cap for the song 'Madhushaala' but has now also roped in Edward Maya, an internationally recognised DJ, to do a special version for the song that is closest to his heart.

"This is probably for the first time ever in the history of Bollywood music that an international DJ has agreed to remix an Indian number", a source adds, "Edward Maya has already remixed Himesh's first international track in English - 'I Have Been Waiting For You So Long' - for the album '@ da edge' which would be soon released in 122 countries. When Himesh played the song 'Umrao Jaan' for him, Edward came on board instantly and agreed to do a remix version."

When contacted, Himesh said, "First Bodyguard and now Damadamm doing well; I couldn't have been happier. 'Umrao Jaan' always managed to bring a smile on my face and I want to share my happiness by dedicating it to the most beautiful woman on the planet - 'The evergreen Rekhaji'! In fact even though Deep and Chantz have done quite well with the song's remix version, I wanted Edward Maya to do one version as well."

On being asked about when would this version eventually go on air, Himesh said, "I am currently working out the modalities with him. Stay tuned as the version would be out soon. Even I am looking at 'Umrao Jaan' going to the next level. Other than the music, I am very confident of the movie too. Though competition is huge from Ra.One, I am confident about the success of Damadamm and am sure that it would bring a smile on everyone's face this Diwali."


Himesh all set to challenge Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan's plans of making his RA.ONE as the sole release this Diwali have been foiled with Himesh Reshammiya confirming that he would be bringing his DAMADAMM on the same weekend as well. Though from screen count perspective it won't make much difference to RA.ONE, the very fact that DAMADAMM has actually dared to step in as competition has ended up surprising quite a few.

"When it was earlier announced that Himesh Reshammiya's fifth film as an actor, DAMADAMM, would be arriving on 27th October, many didn't take that seriously since RA.ONE had already confirmed its plans for the same weekend. In fact Shahrukh had taken an early lead by showcasing the first look of the film way back during the World Cup cricket itself. Post that there were quite a few other teasers that were circulated by the makers of RA.ONE that ensured that it stayed in news," observes a trade pundit.

However DAMADAMM hung on to its promotional plans till the right moment. Now that the film's promos are being showcased full swing, it is pretty much an official announcement that Himesh has definite plans for DAMADAMM this Diwali."

When asked about the clash of DAMADAMM with RA.ONE, Himesh said that there wasn't much to read into it. He reasons, "RA.ONE is the biggest film of the year and I am sure it would be superb. However there is always a room for a good romantic comedy on Diwali. There couldn't have been a better release date. I am very confident of its music becoming a huge hit just like it has been the case with the music of BODYGUARD."

Well, as long as it benefits the industry, we look forward to that for sure.


Edward Maya’s Umrao Jaan remix

On July 4, 2011, Mumbai Mirror had reported that Romanian musician, composer, producer and performer, Edward Maya did a remix for Himesh Reshammiya's first English album, @ Da Edge. And now we hear that the two have another plan in store. Reportedly, Himesh approached the international DJ to do a remix of his upcoming film Damadamm's hit number Umrao Jaan.

A source informed that this is the first time that an international artist has agreed to do a remix of an Indian number. "Edward was so fascinated when he heard Umrao Jaan that he agreed instantly," said the source.


Chamak Chalo v/s Umrao Jaan this Diwali

Like everyone knows it's going to be a clash of Shahrukh Khan's RA ONE and Himesh Reshammiya's Damadamm on Diwali. It's also going to be a clash of Ra One s song Chammak Challo and Damadamm' s song Umrao Jaan in the music scene.

Himesh's music in Bodyguard has become a huge hit and his return to singing is with the song Umrao Jaan from Damadamm. Himesh has had a hit track record of 50 hits in an row in singing and this time with his return to singing with the tracks of Damadamm it's as exciting for Himesh as it was for him when he returned to music with Bodyguard which has proved to be huge chartbusters.

His songs from Bodyguard are No.1 on all charts and the song Teri Meri Prem Kahani is the highest downloaded song in Asia announced by BBC. The theatrical trailer of Damadamm has been launched with the release of Bodyguard and created quite a buzz for its humour.

The music of Damadamm will be released by T series and HR MUSIK together where again the winning combination of Himesh and Bhushan are coming back together. Himesh says "I'm very happy to have a feel good romantic comedy like earlier Hrishkesh Mukerjee films coming on Diwali as it couldn't have been a better date for release."As far as clash with RA ONE goes, Himesh says,"RA ONE is the biggest film of the year and will be a superb film but there is always room for a good romantic comedy in Diwali.I am very confident of its music becoming a huge hit just like BodyGuard's music which is at the top of the charts."


Himesh's next in Diwali


Himesh Reshammiya will be seen on the Hindi screen after a hiatus. Though the music composer/singer/actor has been in the news for accepting an international project, his next film release for the desi audiences will be DAMADAMM, a light entertainer.

Says Himesh, "I have been a huge Hrishikesh Mukerjee fan and wanted to do a truly entertaining light-hearted comedy made with a lot of honesty and sincerity, which somehow my previous films lacked. I can proudly say that DAMADAMM will get me back in the race." Himesh describes DAMADAMM as a well-penned comedy. "I'm sure director Swapna Wahgmare Joshi will surprise everyone with this film. After Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Basu and Anand Rai, Swapna will be the next director from the television industry to hit the bull's eye. The performances, the music and the script of DAMADAMM reflect sincerity."

What is DAMADAMM all about? "DAMADAMM is a comedy which deals with the issue of space and freedom in relationships, tackled in a light-hearted manner like earlier films of Hrishikesh Mukerjee and Basu Chatterjee," he says. The music of DAMADAMM will be released by Himesh's company HR Musik.

"I think Diwali is probably the best time to release a feel-good entertainer," Himesh says. Isn't he undertaking a big risk by releasing DAMADAMM in the same week as RA.ONE? "There can be no comparisons. Shah Rukh Khan is the Badshah of Bollywood and RA.ONE will surely be the best film of the year, but since DAMADAMM is in a sweet comedy zone, there is always room to watch a feel-good entertainer in this festive week," Himesh divulges, adding that he's very sure of the content this time.


Sure Himesh Reshammiya is trying to build back his lost reputation as an actor. And as a part of this process, the musician turned actor will be releasing his next film ‘Damadamm’, a comic caper on the day that sees Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious RA.One releases, Diwali this year.
Well, this isn’t the first time that too many films are releasing on Diwali eve in Bollywood. Last year witnessed the competition between Golmaal 3 and Action Replay.
“While most of the comic capers turned out to be hits on Diwali; Garam Masala, Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, All The Best and Golmaal 3, HR is banking on this sentiment apart from the publicity that can be generated”, said a source.
Directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi, Damadamm, was made by a corporate house before Himesh taking it. The ‘Aap Ka Surror’ sensation is in plans to start the publicity from July. Wonder why such early?

RA.One’s competition is Himesh’s Damadamm! 


Sure Himesh Reshammiya is trying to build back his lost reputation as an actor. And as a part of this process, the musician turned actor will be releasing his next film ‘Damadamm’, a comic caper on the day that sees Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious RA.One releases, Diwali this year.
Well, this isn’t the first time that too many films are releasing on Diwali eve in Bollywood. Last year witnessed the competition between Golmaal 3 and Action Replay.

“While most of the comic capers turned out to be hits on Diwali; Garam Masala, Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, All The Best and Golmaal 3, HR is banking on this sentiment apart from the publicity that can be generated”, said a source.

Directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi, Damadamm, was made by a corporate house before Himesh taking it. The ‘Aap Ka Surror’ sensation is in plans to start the publicity from July. Wonder why such early?


Himesh-Shahrukh to clash!

Music composer and singer Himesh Reshammiya tasted his first success as an actor with the film ‘Aap Kaa Suroor’. Riding high on the success, Himesh went on a signing spree and soon he gave a string of flops like ‘Karzzz’ and ‘Kajraare’, which almost ended his career as an actor in Bollywood.

After a long break, Himesh is back with his latest film ‘Damadamm’. Produced by his own production house HRmusik, Himesh seems to undertake a daunting task of re-launching himself in an industry, which rarely gives a second chance to failures.

This diwali its Himesh versus SRK

Himesh Reshamiya is all set to release his film ‘Damadamm’ alongside SRK’s most anticipated film ‘Ra.One’.

Himesh seems to be least bothered about sharing the same release date with SRK’s ambitious project. Being the only comedy to release this diwali,Himesh believes his film will stand its ground.

He said, "There can be no comparison, RA.One will surely be the best film this year. Damadamm is a sweet comedy and there is always room for watching a feel good entertainer on Diwali. And I'm sure it will do well."

Himesh has already taken over the project from a corporate house, who was earlier supposed to make the film. The publicity for the film will begin this July and continue till the grand release of the film in diwali.

Himesh keeps his hopes pinned on ‘Damadamm’

Himesh’s last film ‘Kajraare’ got a very lukewarm response with a limited release.

Opening the film in few theatres, the satellite rights for the film were sold to a leading entertainment channel, which resulted in a fall out between the actor and the producer.

With Himesh’s market value going down, the success of ‘Damadamm’ might help the actor re-surface in Bollywood circuit.

He said, "After Aap Kaa Suroor, the fate of my other films were not as encouraging but Damadamm is a very well written comedy and I'm sure director Swapna Waghmare Joshi will surprise everyone with this film. In one word if I have to describe Damadamm then I will say that the performances the music and the script reflect sincerity.”






Purbi Joshi seems to be da bombshell package n glam quotient in da film.




Movie Reviews

Like him or not, but there's something about Himesh Reshammiya. He may not feature on your favorite actor list, but you cannot ignore him. A braveheart in whatever he's dabbled into -- producing TV serials, composing music, singing songs or stepping in front of the camera -- Reshammiya now forays into film production with DAMADAMM [his company HR Musik presents the film].

A rom-com that comes across as a slice of life film, DAMADAMM takes you back to the times when simple stories were the order of the day, when ordinary looking people were grappling with not too complex issues and problems, when the focus was on delicate relationships. The 70s cinema, which witnessed a number of charming films by doyens like Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee, comes alive as you watch DAMADAMM. Of course, DAMADAMM is not as memorable as the films made in the bygone era, but first-time director Swapna Waghmare Joshi [a reputed name in tele circles] makes a sincere attempt to tell a tale that's not commonplace. Beneath all the song and masala that's integrated in the story, you will find characters you can relate to.

Notwithstanding its plusses, DAMADAMM doesn't rise to those levels for two reasons. One, too many songs in the narrative. Two, the plot gets predictable after a point and loses the steam.

Sameer's [Himesh Reshammiya] life is perfect, but for his over-possessive and constantly nagging girl-friend [Purbi Joshi]. To add to it, he gets drawn towards his boss' sister [Sonal Sehgal]. All hell breaks loose when the girlfriend returns from her hometown. Sameer is in a fix.

Though not a comic fare, DAMADAMM has light moments aplenty that do bring a smile on your face. When you're in a relationship, everyone likes to feel loved and wanted by their partner. But, quite often, the love and caring tends to suffocate you as the partner gets over-possessive. This kind of extreme behavior is exactly what Swapna Waghmare Joshi tries to highlight in the movie in a light-hearted fashion and that's what sets DAMADAMM apart from films of its ilk.

Swapna has avoided going over the top and remains faithful to the subject. I'd like to make note of at least three sequences that are strikingly filmed. One, the tiff at the interval point, when Himesh calls off the relationship. Two, Purbi explaining to Himesh why she behaves that way. Three, Himesh landing up at Purbi's office towards the final moments of the film.

But, like I pointed out earlier, DAMADAMM should've avoided the been-there-seen-that kind of situations that you get to watch in love triangles. Also, the makers could've done without a couple of songs. 'Madhushala', for instance, is a good track, but wasn't required in the first place. Also 'Mango'. Even 'Umrao Jaan', the best song of the enterprise, comes too late [end credits].

Himesh's dedication to his craft is well-known by now and the composer/singer/actor goes that extra mile to get the role right. Sonal Sehgal looks alluring and acts well. But it is Purbi Joshi who steals the show with a power-packed performance. Her confident portrayal stands out. Rajesh Khattar is impressive as Himesh's boss. The actor enacting the role of Himesh's friend/colleague is first-rate.

On the whole, DAMADAMM isn't bad, but it isn't great either. Though it has a hit score to its credit and some endearing moments, it will have to rely on a strong word of mouth to withstand a mighty opponent [RA.ONE].

Taran Aadarsh's Rating: 2/5





Box Office

Distributor Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, On Damadamm!

Regardless of what people are saying about Himesh Reshammiya’s Damadamm!, the figures tell the true story. Although the film opened to a lukewarm response, its box-office collections have been decent so far.

The film has taken a slow but steady start and the first week is likely to wrap up at Rs 4 crore nett, domestically. First-day collections were around Rs 50 lakh. Despite a strong contender in RA.One, Damadamm! has a strong place at the ticket counter.

The five-day collections are around Rs 2.65 crore, and after Day 6, they will be close to Rs 3.15 crore. Territory-wise, Mumbai and Delhi-UP have drawn the best response. The film is likely to hold steady in its second week as well.

Print and advertising costs, amounting to Rs 2.1 crore have already been recovered from music rights, Indian video and overseas rights, which were collectively sold at Rs 2.31 crore (Music: Rs 1.71 crore, Indian video: Rs 30 lakh and overseas rights: Rs 30 lakh). Also, the cost of production, pegged at Rs 3 crore, has been recovered through satellite rights.

As told to Rohini Nag



Damadamm enjoys stable collections courtesy positive word of mouth

Himesh Reshammiya has reasons to rejoice. His Damadamm, despite arriving on bare minimum shows (2-3 a day at select multiplexes) and massive competition from Ra.One, has managed to keep its head above the water. This low budget film made at a cost of mere Rs. 3 crores (as confirmed by the makers) has enjoyed sustained collections over the weekend. Though the numbers haven't hit the roof with Ra.One being the first choice of audience, Damadamm has seen decent to good word of mouth that has instilled confidence in the makers to hope for a sustained run.

"In it's extended weekend, Damdamm has fetched 2.20 crores nett collections across the country", confirms Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines, "Considering the fact that production cost of the film (Rs. 3 crores) has already been recovered through sale of satellite rights, we are hopeful that profits would be added to Damadamm with a sustained run."

Though there were apprehensions around Damdamm when it released alongside Ra.One, the film managed to surprise quite a few with average to good reviews bringing it some good attention. With the film's music being a huge success already and Himesh too fetching some of the best reviews till date for his performance of a man next door, Damdamm did see stable footfalls over the weekend.

"What also fetched Damadamm some brownie points was a fabulous performance from Purbi Joshi that has been noticed by one and all. In fact this small film could well enjoy some decent run for weeks to come if the exhibitors continue to show some good trust in it", says an industry observer, "Agreed that big films are ruling today but don't forget that sometimes small can be beautiful as well if given a fair chance. Damadamm has pretty much made a case for itself with decent collections to show. It's now time to see how it sustains from this point on."

Break up of collections so far:

Mumbai: Rs.80 lakhs
Delhi: Rs.50 lakhs
Punjab: Rs.20 lakhs
Mysore: Rs.15 lakhs
CP/CI/Rajasthan: Rs. 20 lakhs
Nizam: Rs.15 lakhs
East: Rs.15 lakhs
Others: Rs. 5 lakhs


Guess fair economics seem to have worked out for Himesh Reshammiya's Damadamm. The producer/actor/composer/singer is confident that not just would Damadamm manage to comfortably break even at the box office, it would also end up making decent profits for all involved.

 Informs a close associate, "Since Damadamm is a film set in Hrishkesh Mukherjee genre, cost of production is not very high. In fact it is way too reasonable and has been entirely recovered from satellite. Moreover, Himesh Reshammiya has been given the world distribution theatrical rights and music rights and Indian video rights by the producer against his remuneration. Further break up is as below."

 - Print and advertising cost - Rs. 2 crores 30 lakhs which was spent by HR MUSIK and has already been recovered through music, Indian video and overseas.

 - Music by itself has managed to recover Rs.1 crore 71 lakhs where MG was Rs.71 Lakhs and Rs.1 crore overflow came on once it became super hit

 - Indian video - Rs. 30 lakhs

 - Overseas - Rs. 30 lakhs

 This means that whatever comes in from distributor theatrical share would be profits for all involved. Seems like it's a win-win situation that Himesh is in now, considering the fact that the film has fetched fair to good reviews.



My Music Review

My Damadamm! Review

Opinion (before music release)

After musical success of Bodyguard album and also da movie itself at da BO ticket counters, when Sallu Mia is in a good mood...Himesh should ask Salman TO DO A CAMEO IN DAMADAMM.

Damadamm vs Ra.One (throwing caution to the wind)

Ajay Devgun is a big star and known to release his films on Diwali too, but this time round he too has opted against pitching his next multi starrer comedy film Rascals against Ra.One. Simply because this jaggernaut may wipe out anything that comes across its path. Ra.One is SRKs most ambitious project and his most anticipated / eagerly awaited film after a hiatus. Yes, himesh is going to be back big time and regain his lost fame / popularity as a MUSICIAN after release of Bodyguard, Damadamm and @ Da edge, but going by the BO fate of Himesh's past films and his popularity / market appeal as an ACTOR, the odds are against on paper.

Going by the trade norm, it is likely that aam junta (and not just himesh fans) would give their first watching preference to Ra.One and here lies the danger because if Ra.One gathers momentum then if will be difficult to stop this jaggernaut. This implies that Damadamm would need atleast a 50-70% opening all over along with a strong word of mouth or else it will won't have a second chance to stabilize or recover since Ra.One would have spread all over like a wildfire and eaten into Damadamm's screen space.

There are also mixed trade opinions for Ra.One, with some predicting that it will smash every imaginable record and others speculating that it would bomb. Though highly unlikely, but this is where Damadamm could strike and cash in.

It seems that the reason that the makers of Damadamm have decided to slot in a Diwali release against Ra.One is promotional cost effectiveness and banking on the fact that people are attracted to theaters to watch films in the festive season and that there is space for two (or more films). But in the best interests of Damadamm which is a crucial / critical film for himesh - the actor, that the makers are taking / have taken Ra.One perhaps too lightly (bhaut halke me le liya hai Ra.One ko) and have underestimated its magnitute and potential. They are rather over confident of their content in hand.

Yes, it is good to be optimistic but also no harm to be realistic. This fact would be tested when Ra.One promotions begin in full swing and its real buzz n hype is gauged just before its release, and then hopefully Damadamm makers wouldn't be in double minds as to what to do now [fingers crossed].

One thing is rest assured, if Damadamm clicks alongside Ra.One then himesh may win a bravery award [fun intended] at next Filmfare, IIFA, Stardust or Cee Zine awards, but seriously set a precedence / example and teach other A league stars a lesson that 'impossible is nothing and self-belief is everything' in terms of a never say die attitude whereby sky is the limit, but if Damadamm bombs and disappears without a trace then all trade pundits will get their talking swords out calling it a professional hara-kiri whereby no sympathy could be expected at all whatsoever by aam junta. Surely, a case of HIGH RISK vs HIGH RETURN.

On title name change:

Da name change from Ishq Unplugged to Damadamm was a street smart one, as Dama dam mast kalandar was too long and wasn't apt for a movie title as it was basically derived from a song and so was Ishq Unplugged that had a strong musical inference as if it was one of another himesh songs unplugged version. Furthermore, the interiors / masses cannot easily comprehend or come to terms with such a musical title. Hence, Damadamm is a shortened and catchy phrase that goes handy with da films background theme i.e. light hearted comic caper.

On release date:


> Damadamm will gain publicity, hype and enhanced PRO marketing benefit to generate buzz by releasing alongside such a biggie.


> Damadamm business will be affected by this biggie, so past experiences of releasing Radio with Paa were not considered in order to repeat such a scenerio.


It is highly unlikely but if da aam junta is in a light hearted rather than a sci fi mode in that festive season of diwali, then himesh may as well prove a point whereby he will have all to gain at da expense of his opponent star/s. One thing is for sure that regardless of its fate, aam junta will appreciate da fact that himesh has resurfaced and has da guts and audacity to take on da baadshah of bollywood despite being totally down n out, speaks volumes about his undying spirit and attitude of this man, as da saying goes in hindi 'bande me tha dum, vande mataram'.

Potential plus / benefit:

People ask n wonder that why was AKS - The Moviee a hit! With due respect to da content of his films n besides this point, a mammoth contributory factor was himesh's music albums that kept him in buzz n upheld his popularity levels which resulted in a spill over effect at da BO ticket window. Kajraare was a decent n much better watch in totality as compared to some over hyped A league films that released in da year gone by, but 'out of sight out of mind' in da musical sense waz da culprit in terms of himesh's case.

Having said that, if da promos n music of @ da edge or A * is killed are released before da release of Damadamm movie, it would immensely benefit its chances. As a matter of fact, HR Muzik limited should incorporate da release timing of himesh's international projects in their promotional marketing strategy in a manner that suits their best interests n utilize max advantage of this 'timing', because it is a known fact is that himesh reshammya's music 'works', a testimony to this fact is the success of his filmi music albums regardless of the actual movie's (karzzzz, radio, kajraare) fate at da ticket counters.

Hence, releasing promos / music of @ da edge could do wonders for Damadamm movie as himesh could strike da bullz eye internationally n may cause insecurity n chaos in da minds of da makers n actors of clashing films that have so much at stake in terms of production costs, n fingers crossed give them a real run for their money. 

Himesh was at his musical peak when he released AKS - The Moviee. Now he could potentially 'peak up again' at da 'rite desired time' by da fresh music of Damadamm album (in addition to da music of @ da edge and A * is killed which will only help n further his cause) before he is back in serious contention to claw back his own lost space in da years gone by releasing Damadamm movie.

From himesh fans point of view they would be glad to see that himesh is smiling in da first look posters n hoping that while he was down n out all this while (or rather quietly / silently working on his upcoming assignments), he strikes back hard with a killer KO punch this time around.