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A musical time bomb is ticking and waiting to explode which will create dhamaka in da entire bollywood industry and also all across da world, as a global rwakstar from India is about to be born.

Music release date

Latest Update 2016:

When @ Da Edge was announced, all Himesh fans were over the moon and waiting in anticipation...time and effort was put into recording all the songs and getting the title trax remixed by Edward Maya, money was spent on Himesh's look and styling for the album...but then things didn't quite work out as per plan, this is because Himesh needs to collaborate and ink a deal with a top universal label for max exposure...if Himesh wanted to release it, he could have opted for release in India with any top music label, but remember @ Da Edge is Himesh's most ambitious project...he will wait for perfect time and strike when iron is red hot, Himesh knows what is best for him...lets hope for the best, umeed pe duniya kayam hai.

The 1st single should be ideally launched in minimum 3 months i.e. by March-April or maximum before the 1st quarter of 2013 i.e. before August 2013. Its music video will be shot in USA soon.


He says that all 15 songs are ready, but he will have to allocate a time of 3 months and go abroad to promote it on radio etc, and as if now the release date isn't fixed yet.

There is no new official announcement about when the 1st single will release. Now its all upto Himesh bhai to make an announcement as to when the 1st single will be launched.

<<< My Opinion [29/01/2012]: @ Da Edge is a very prestigious project for Himesh and it is going to be launched at a very large scale. Himesh has said that he has both the original and remix of the 1st single with him and that he has also shot for some of da album's promos. However, he was supposed to return to Miami to complete da shooting. Now, depending on da post production work i.e. final mixing of da 1st single, video cut edits etc, the music publishers will ideally be looking to get the 'timing' of da release right because a lot of $$$ will go into da project and so they have to make da max commercial impact too. Hence, they will either release da 1st single in audio format i.e. in overseas discotheques and then later on release its music video. Bottomline is that Himesh has both the original and remix of 1st single ready but there have been no official announcements since then. Therefore, most likely the next update could be heard by Himesh himesh in the show Sur Kshetra starting in Febuary, because he is always asked about this album i.e. he was asked by saregamapa host when he went to promote Damadamm. So, until then guess its just a wait n watch game unless an announcement is made before start of da show! >>>

Older reports

When are you planning to release At Da Edge?

I will be releasing the entire album the way international ones usually are. First we release the first single, then the second single and when the third single is released, we will release the entire album. The first single will hit the discos by September or October (as per earlier reports), the second single should be out by January so the album should hit by March or April next year.

The video for the first single will premiere by November. I have shot the promo and some other parts. I'll be going back to Miami to finish shooting the entire video.

"At Da Edge" songs will 1st release In disco stations (Overseas) then on video stations & then On Video" - Himesh

Himesh is gearing up for the release of his music album, @ Da Edge.  He says, "There are 15 songs that are written, composed and sung by me along with other international artists, in this album. Usually, it's the international singers who collaborate with Indian artists and launch their music albums here. Whereas, in my case, an Indian artist is going to be launched globally in 122 countries. Also, the revenues earned from an international album is 100 times more than the revenues generated by songs in India." When asked, what's the USP of this album going to be, pat comes his reply, "International artists like the idea of coming to India and doing something in Bollywood. It is going to be a completely new experience but at the same time, the songs have my trademark style of romantic music." Speaking of trademark style, has he deviated from his nasal voice? "Not really. My nasal voice has given me recognition," says he in true Himesh style.



Busy with Himesh Reshammiya's album, says partner Rakesh Upadhyay

Rakesh Upadhyay is a multi-faceted personality. The creative-producer of the recently released blockbuster Khiladi 786 and business partner to singing sensation and music director-cum-producer Himesh Reshammiya, Rakesh has had a long and successful history with Bollywood. In a chat, he talks about his work in Punjabi cinema and future projects.

What are you working on currently?

As of now, I'm a business partner with Sunny Siddhu in Canada-based White Hill Productions which is based in Vancouver. We are a known line production and distribution network in North America. We've already completed the production of two Punjabi films Best of Luck starring Gippy Garewal, Jazzy B and Simran Kaur Mundi and Jaat and Juliet Part 2 starring Diljit Dosanj and Neeru Bajwa.

So you're concentrating only on Punjabi cinema?

The production house is now in the process of starting multiple Punjabi films and will soon enter Hindi cinema as well. To top it all, a distribution network is in the offing in London, Australia, Sydney and Dubai. Apart from these, I'm also working busy with Himesh's much-anticipated international album, which will have 15 English numbers and the video will be shot by none other than Roman White who has been a regular video director of Justin Bieber. The album will kick off with the first video being shot in USA very soon.

And you're also involved in production work...

I've been the executive director on board for Baba Arts Limited for the past two years now. In my tenure, we successfully did two films - Life Mai Kabhi Kabhi directed by Vikram Bhatt and My Friend Ganesha. I've also been the creative producer for films like Society which is produced by Smita Thackrey and directed by Rahul Dholakia (who earlier won the National Award for Parzania) and Haule Haule Ho Jayega Pyaar. Apart from these, I've acted in films like De Dana Dhan, and Mumbai Cutting. I even sang a song titled Phir Hera Pheri for Akshay Kumar.

What next?

Himesh and I have now locked around 12 scripts along with remake rights of Punjabi films like Jatt and Juliet Part 1 for Hindi. We plan to take them on floor very soon.


Himesh Reshammiya’s International Album

Roman White, the creator of worldwide hit videos of Justin Bibber, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood will direct Himesh Reshammiya’s videos for his first mainstream International album in English to be released across 122 countries. The album is titled “at da edge” and has 15 songs written, composed and sung by Himesh in English.

Himesh’s series of music videos will be produced by Vivek Singhania of Picture Perfect and Executive Producer Randy Brewer of Revolution Films. These are very high end videos being filmed across the globe in very exotic and scenic locations by Roman White in September and the music and videos should be launched by March 2011.

Roman says, “The one thing I love about Himesh's music is that all of the songs are so different from one another. The great thing about that is we can really have a lot of fun with the videos, creating something that's equally unique visually that goes perfectly with tone and lyrics of each song. I also love that there are some great ballads with even better love stories. I'm a huge fan of love stories, and any time I can create a video where people are falling in love it just makes me smile. Who doesn't love to watch a great love story?

I think the key is really touching on feelings we all experience. We've all had our heart broken. We've all felt pain. But, we've also all fallen in love, and Himesh really captures these emotions in his songs and that just amazes me. I think people are really going to love what he's created, and it's just cool to have an international artist like Himesh come into the music scene in the west because it mixes things up and gives us something fresh and exciting! I can't wait to get started on these videos and to create some incredible pieces that are not only visually amazing, but also beautiful and even surprising in some cases!”

Vivek Singhania is delighted with the response by music publishers and music labels to Himesh’s music and says Himesh has been absolutely swamped by offers from the very best music publishers and music labels and soon formal announcements about his tie ups with the biggest and the best will be made public. These videos will feature some of the world’s most famous female models and one of the duets will feature a big ticket female artiste with Himesh as a singer and with her appearance in the video.

Randy Brewer says he has long been in the music business and has worked with the best artistes but finds the unique freshness in Himesh’s music so intriguing that he believes Himesh’s music will create records and possible history in the US markets. Randy is very excited about these videos and believes these will be amongst the finest works out of his production company.

Himesh’s look is being styled by the best designers in Hollywood and an excited Himesh says, “It’s been a year of research and study of what works in the west and now that I am ready with my album, I can only say that it is due to the blessing of god, my parents and the people of India and I would like to state here that music has no language. It’s been a 360 degree reinvention for me and I have enjoyed every moment of working on this project which not only excites me monetarily but also creatively.”

Sources close to Himesh reveal that all rights of his music rest with Himesh alone and if the revenues earned by the Roman White filmed songs of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are any indication, then Himesh should have a huge grosser in hand. If Himesh is able to strike the right notes then sky is truly the limit.


Himesh teams up with Alexa Goddard

After roping in American rapper Lil Wayne and Romanian musician-composer Edward Maya for his new album, singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya has also brought on board English pop and R’n’B singer Alexa Goddard . An international project, @Da Edge is being produced by Himesh in collaboration with Universal Music.

Apparently, Himesh and Alexa will be singing a duet and will also feature in the music video together. Himesh confirms the news, saying. “She will be featuring in a song called Bootyful. Her voice suits the composition, so she has been roped in.”

It’s believed that Himesh took one-and-a-half years to write, compose and record 15 songs of the album before he approached Universal. Reportedly, Himesh will be seen jamming with Lil Wayne in his composition ‘Come to me now…’ and featuring with Maya in the re-made version of ‘I have been waiting for you so long…’.


YouTube sensation Alexa Goddard pairs up with Himesh Reshammiya

There is a sudden vigour in the manner in which announcements are arriving from Himesh Reshammiya's stable. Just when one thought that between Damadamm and his next film as an actor, Khiladi 786 - Made In Punjab, there may just be a success party with Salman Khan and Rekha that would fill the year long void, there is a lot happening for the composer/singer in the world the music. The latest being that for his international album '@ Da Edge', he has roped in none less than YouTube sensation Alexa Goddard.

"22 year old Alexa is a rage on YouTube and is currently the hottest young celebrity in the UK. Her songs, many of them being cover versions of other famous artists, have become mighty popular and have attracted millions of hits on YouTube", informs a source, "Now with Himesh and her collaborating on a song, she can well expect to reach out to a far wider audience, what with India being a home to 120 crore strong population. The popularity that she can expect from this point on is monumental to say the least because the album would be released in 122 countries."

While the buzz has already caught on, the formal announcement would be made by Himesh at the party.

"Yes, the album is turning out to be bigger with every passing day", says a close associate of Himesh, "Each of the 15 songs that have been composed, written and sung by him would feature one international collaboration along with a music video apiece that would be directed by Roman White. Other notable international artists like Edward Maya and Lil Wayne would be heard singing 'I Have Been Waiting For You So Long' and 'Come To Me Now' respectively. On the other hand, announcement around the song in question with Alexa would be made soon as well."

This isn't all as Alexa would also be featuring in the music video along with Himesh. Boasting of a pretty face which is also one of the most downloaded images on Google, Alexa Goddard has made her name as a popular English pop and R&B singer.

About Alexa: As per Wikipedia, Goddard created a YouTube channel with the username "AlexaMusicTV" in In March 2010. She uploaded to this channel various videos of her own covers of R&B hits. She released four cover versions as singles, using social media such as Twitter to promote them. The biggest-selling of these was her version of "Turn My Swag On", which charted at Number 20 on the UK Singles Chart and Number One on the UK Indie Chart. Within a month, Goddard's videos had received over 1.5 million views and "AlexaMusicTV" had garnered over 7,000 subscribers. By April 2011, the channel had over 11 million views and 56,000 subscribers, being one of the most subscribed music channels in British YouTube history.


Himesh Reshammiya teams up with world's biggest rapper Lil Wayne

Opinion on Himesh Reshammiya, the Actor, may be divided. But there're no two ways about Himesh the Musician, going great guns…and ganas. Ever since Himesh reversed his earlier stubborn and stupid decision to sing and compose only in films that feature him as an actor, a floodgate of opportunities have opened up for the rhythmic Reshammiya.

His biggest musical challenge is the international album @ Da Edge for which he has already recorded a remix track with Romanian musician Edward Maya.

Himesh just got even more ambitious. His international album will now feature a duet, an original composition, with American rapper Lil Wayne.

Wayne who is widely regarded as the most successful rapper in the world has sold approximately 10 million albums across the world. In 2012's edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records, Lil Wayne is mentioned for as record-holder for the 'Most US Hot-100 Hits By A Rap Artiste With 64 Hits Between 1999 and 2010."

Himesh invited Lil Wayne to contribute to @ Da Edge. The two are now working on a song entitled 'Come To Me Now'. It will be released not only as part of Himesh's album but also as a single in the US for fans of Lil Wayne. Through them (Wayne's fans) Himesh hopes to establish a musical market in the US.

When contacted, Himesh admitted he was indeed doing a song with Lil Wayne. "But at the moment, I am completely involved with the release of my film Damadamm. But yes Lil Wayne and I are collaborating."

The Wayne-Reshammiya single 'Come To Me Now' will release next year.


Planetradiocity Interview

Tell us more about your collaboration with Edward Maya. How has the experience been?

At Da Edge has 15 songs and Edward Maya has remixed the first single. That's the first "true" international collaboration because earlier we've had some really big artists remixing Hindi songs but herein, an artist from India (Himesh Reshammiya) is going to be launched in 122 countries globally and an artist from abroad who is a huge DJ (Edward Maya) has remixed an English song.

The experience has been fantastic! I've been studying their culture for about a year and a half. I have a great team working on my international album. My look has been styled by Damian and Avigail who have been styling Rihanna. The videos are being directed by Roman White who has been directing videos for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and more such artists.

When are you planning to release At Da Edge?

I will be releasing the entire album the way international ones usually are. First we release the first single, then the second single and when the third single is released, we will release the entire album. The first single will hit the discos by September or October, the second single should be out by January so the album should hit by March or April next year.

The video for the first single will premiere by November. I have shot the promo and some other parts. I'll be going back to Miami to finish shooting the entire video.

We hear you are collaborating with Shakira and Vanessa Hudgens in At Da Edge?

No, they are just rumors and speculations by the media! It's not Shakira or Vanessa. There are a lot of other collaborations but I'll be announcing it a little later


Global fusion


Reshammiya, ridiculed for dropping international names in the press, will remix a song work with Edward Maya, the renowned trance artist

The revenue earned from an international album is 100 times more than the revenue generated by songs in India," said Himesh Reshammiya, in a media report, about the release of his first English album, Da Edge. And the revenue that the music director rakes in is just about to skyrocket.

Reshammiya, who publicly declared that he collaborated with international artists on the 15 songs in the album, was ridiculed extensively for dropping names in the press. But, it seems that Reshammiya will be the one laughing all the way to the bank, as sources revealed that he has collaborated with Romanian musician, composer, producer and performer, Edward Maya.

Maya's first song, Stereo Love, which he launched in the summer of 2009, was rated number 2 by the Romanian singles charts. The single became an international hit. It entered the top 5 singles charts in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. Stereo Love also broke a new record for being the longest charting song in the history of European top Hot 100, running for 47 weeks. Equally successful was his next single Desert Rain.

And now, Maya has decided to work on a remix of one of the tracks on Reshammiya's album, which will be released in 122 countries under Himesh's label HR Musik and Universal, in October. The two artists are not stopping there.

They have already chalked out plans for a music video, which will feature Reshammiya and Maya jamming together.  And to top it off, they are entrusting Roman White to direct it. White has previously worked with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

When contacted, Reshammiya confirmed, "Yes, Edward Maya has remixed one of the songs from my international album. The thing is I am not doing a crossover album or a fusion album or a 'Hinglish' album. Da Edge is a full-fledged English-language album and will be treated on  par with any other international music product."


Himesh in an international avatar now

Himesh Reshammiya's well known for his penchant for experimenting with his looks. And now, for his new mainstream international album *@ DA EDGE* to be released in 122 countries worldwide, the singer has gone stylishly glam. TOI reveals the first three looks that the singer will be using for his videos to be directed by Roman White.

The duo responsible for giving Himesh this brand new avatar are Damian and Avigail who are famed for pop star Rihanna's complete makeover from Umbrella to Only Girl.

Speaking about his new looks, Himesh said, "I loved working with Damian and Avigail and I'm really looking forward to shooting the videos soon with Roman White all over the globe. This year will be a very exciting one because I'm going to come out with a lot of new music content. I'm also looking forward to my Studio 18 film directed by Swapna Joshi which is set for a June release. I'm sure this film will prove to be a turning point for me as an actor. Besides this, I will also shooting for two more films soon."

Damain and Avigail's clients include Rihana, Ciara, Eliza Doolittle and Kelly Osbourne. Damian said, "The most exciting part of styling Himesh was the opportunity to work with someone who has such a wealth of experience in another culture to mine. Himesh's direction was very precise and this enabled me to give him a contemporary look and unique style."

Himesh's music publishing company HR Musik Limited will simultaneously be announcing the names of featured artists who will be collaborating with him on this international album.


Himesh to sing with Shakira & Vanessa Hudgens

It will take a lot more than critical bashing and drab reviews for Himesh Reshammiya to sober down. The singer-actor who was ruthlessly condemned for his last film ‘Kajrare’ is in no mood to sit back and take hell. Himesh is gearing up for a larger than life musical album in which he will sing and star opposite Hollywood hotties Shakira and Vanessa Hudgens.

Unbelievable as it may seem but Himesh will soon be out with his first English album titled ‘At da edge’ and it will not only star but also have Shakira and Hudgens singing.

As per reports, Himesh’s international agents are apparently in advance talks with both Vanessa and Shakira. Roman White, who directed music videos for singers like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, will reportedly be working on Himesh’s video.

And if sources are to be believed then all the songs will been written, composed and sung by Himesh. Confirming the news a source said, “The songs that will star Vanessa and Shakira will be duets. It is surprising that Himesh will sing in English. But when you hear him you will surely like it.”

Reports suggest that all the videos will be shot in foreign locations, but one is also being planned at the Taj Mahal in Agra.



15 songs.

1. I Have Been Waiting For You So Long - Himesh & Edward Maya (Remix) - It is eported that Edward Maya has used the Indian flute for the remix of this 1st single.

2. Come to me now - Himesh & Lil Wayne (Rap).

3. Bootyful - Himesh & Alexa Goddard (UK RnB pop singer).

There are 15 songs that are written, composed and sung by Himesh along with other international artists, in this album.

"Edward Maya has remixed the song "I Have Been Waiting For You So Long" from At Da Edge." - Himesh. This is the 1st single of the album.

Second single "Come to me now" where Himesh has collaborated with famous rapper Lil Wayne.

Himesh n Lil Wayne are gonna totally RWAK it together!
1. Shaka Laka Boom Boom - Shaka Laka Boom Boom (HIP HOP)
2. Zara Jhoom Jhoom - Tom Dick N Harry (HIP HOP)
3. Yaad Sataye Teri - Phir Hera Pheri (HIP HOP)
4. Sisak Sisak Ke - Karzzzz (RAP N REGGAE)
5. Cheena Re - Tom Dick N Harry (RAP N REGGAE)
6. Dil De Diya - Phir Hera Pheri (RAP N REGGAE)
7. Tune Mera Chain Vain - Anthony Kaun Hai (RAP N REGGAE)
8. Lets Rock - Anthony Kaun Hai (RAP N REGGAE)
Da 2nd single COME TO ME NOW should ideally be a HIP HOP RnB affair and a level above these above songs whereby they both will...FULLTU ATTITUDE DEDE TU ZARA.



In 1st video, Himesh talks about @ Da Edge from 7.19 to 7.54 in Talking Cinema with Taran Aadarsh.

In 2nd video, Himesh talks about @ Da Edge from start to 2.11 in Saregamapa Lil Champs.

<<<watch this space for @ da edge 1st single I Have Been Waiting For You So Long and all other songs, will be added once they release>>>

New Look Pics

Killer KO punch is on its way...Edward Maya in India