Music Review Analysis of Himesh Reshammiya’s album A New Love Ishtory (2013).

Please follow this video for the timestamps.

{tabs Download Kar Gayee}

From 5.49 onwards.

The song is in RnB Hip Hop genre, with a Hip Hop beat that gets the listener slowly but surely into da zone.
The start buildup from 5.49 to 5.52 is catchy.

Himesh’s singing has influences of the West, especially in the mukhda line, DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-LOAD GAR GAYEE.

Best lines are Himesh’s starting mukhda lines from 5.53 onwards, Internet Pe Bhi Menu Haal Dasiya, Tere Bina Jiya Hun Nahi Lagiya, Tere Bina Rab Se Na Kuch Mangiya, Twitter Pe Twit Tere Vaste Kiya, Tera Rasta Me Follow Ve Kiya. The tune of this whole repetitive hook line is off-da-hook catchy

Himesh is looking super cool in its music video, and lyrics are new age trendy which will konnekt with today’s generation.

{tabs Dil Ko Loota}

From 3.56 onwards.

Underlying beat is foot tapping, with a quick skip pattern at 3.57, 3.59, 4.01 and after every 2 seconds.

Best lines are the stanza lines, Inki Ada Farebi, Inpe Yakeen Na Karna...Karle Khudkhushi Tu, Lekin Inpe Tu Na Marna from 5.27 to 5.33, and along with the underlying beat gets the listeners into the zone.

The short alaap OOOO from 4.29 to 4.29, 4.48 to 4.49 is melodious

The peppy tune in between stanza gap from 5.04 to 5.06 is likeable.

Song has a déjà-vu feel and has few traces of Meethi Meethi Baatan Karke from Aap Ki Khatir.

Himesh really looks handsome in his long hair extensions, especially at 5.07 (look of desperation feel), 5.15 (when he turns around), 5.17, 5.25 (looks innocent sweet), 5.41(astonished look) & 5.44 (looks cute).

The female dancer does a fab job, and is successful in driving the viewer crazy by her kamsin aadayein and dance steps. The end is rather funny as all of a sudden she gets a sneeze after dancing in the rain.

Don't know who is the cutie mutie in this song who dance outstandingly well, but really proud of her. Himesh is looking so handsome with his long hair extensions and so adorable with his cute and sweet facial expressions...aisi jaan leva aadayein, joh maar hi daale.

{tabs Jab Mein Chhota Bacha Tha}

From 0.00 onwards.

It is a lively peppy number, depicting the rebellious nature of the protagonist.

Song has Himesh’s arrogant feel vocals from 0.11 to 0.15 & 1.17 to 1.21

Best tune of the song is the alaap, OOOOOOOOOO from 0.15 to 0.27 & 1.21 to 1.26

{tabs Bolo Shararara}

From 1.42 onwards

The song has a good dose of Himesh’s deliberate nazal twang, in the lines BHAIYA OH BHAIYA TERA MUNDA BIDGA JAAYE, BOLA SHAARA RARA-OO-OO.

It is less of a song, but more of a mixed parody whereby Sukku Bhai is doing his antics and bindaas masti on screen.

{tabs Ranking}

1. Download Kar Gayee

2. Dil Ko Loota

3. Jab Me Chhota Bacha Tha

4. Bolo Shararara

{tabs Verdict}

The album maintains an upbeat mood which is in sync with the film’s theme.

Pick of the lot are Download Kar Gayee and Dil Ko Loota which would find good airtime on radio stations, while the other two remaining songs are situational and tailor made for Sukku Bhai’s onscreen tapori antics.