Music review analysis of Himesh Reshammiya's album Iqbal (2005).

Aankhon Mein Sapna

Himesh reshammiya changes course and creates a different melody.

The song opens with a very likeable harmonica tune along with a faint haunt effect.

Ravindra as a singer is an interestingly good choice as his vocals do justice to this song.

The flute piece at 2.25, 2.28, 3.34 is simply mesmerizing and it acts as good tune sur later on.

Note the gentle feel twist in SAPNOOO at 0.26, 0.39, 1.03.

The 3 times catchy hook line AASHA HAI (twist at 1.44) ZINDAGI is HR's old antics.
The twist in HOOOO at 0.53, 1.17 is nice.

Jayesh's WOOOOO is so feel good from 1.05 to 1.06, 1.47, 1.52, 1.57.

The lines from 1.24 onwards is a different attempt however keeping in mind HR's core basics.

The quick rising and desending keyboard flicks is the key.

Between mukhda and 1st stanza, lovely tune plays followed by jayesh's croons.

1st stanza

Again a different attempt by HR – the composer.

It is simple and catchy. The piano effect is great.

The lines from 2.49 to 2.54, JAANA MUJHKO JAROOOOR (prolonged twist) with HAUNT EFFECT is the KEY.

The 2 key tune sur at 2.57, 3.34, 3.37 and Jayesh's feel good YEEEEAAAA at 3.01 is fantastic followed by faint subtle croons.

The song ends with a wonderful mouth organ.

Highlights of this song:

1. The gentle underlying beat pattern, the mesmerizing flute piece between 0.25 and 0.42, the amazing harmonica tune piece from start to 0.22 along with HAUNT EFFECT is the KEY.

2. The soothing vocals of Ravindra which are tailor-made for this composition.
The catchy hook lines AASHA HAI ZINDAGI * 3 where HR returns to his old composing antics.

3. The gentle prolonged feel twists (HOOOOO, JAROOOR), Jayesh's feel good YEEEEAAAA, WOOOOO.The quick rising lowering of piano notes where mentioned, the 2 key tune sur (normal note, high note).

4. The HAUNT EFFECT from 2.49 to 2.53 that creates terrific overall melody in those lines.

Two words to describe this song are SUBTLE and LAID BACK.

HR shows a different CLASS with easy-on-ears composition.