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First trailer is set to release on 4th April 2012.

"Naina Re" sung by Himeshji, Rahet saheb and @shreyaghoshal will be on Air 4m next Sunday #DangerousIshhq

First Look Pics

Unveils on 4th April 2012



4 looks of Karisma and Rajniesh in DI

Even though there has been an air of secrecy around the actual plotline of Dangerous Ishq as well as the role that comeback woman Karisma Kapoor plays in the film, there has been one bit revealed about the film being set in different eras. While there were hints thrown around Karisma as well as her leading man Rajneesh Duggal to be carrying four different looks in the film, our sources have managed to lay hands on the exact pictures. The results, expectedly, are stunning to say the least.

"A couple of stills were actually already making the rounds. While one showed Karisma in her modern day contemporary avtar while being dressed in a shirt and jeans, the other featured her in a traditional Rajasthani costume. The fact though is that there are four eras being explored. The ones that that were leaked belonged to 21st century and Meerabai's era (16th century) respectively. This isn't all though as she is also enacting the role of a woman from Aurangzeb time (17th century) and then India-Pakistan partition (20th century)", informs our source.

In this saga that traverses over 500 years, Karisma finds Rajneesh's company in every avtar. However, contrary to rumours, it isn't the case of any soul wondering here. Instead there is a reincarnation angle to it with Karisma and Rajneesh 'dangerously' falling in 'ishq' each time around.

"This is the reason why the film's plotline is pretty much described as 'Many lives, one love'. Even though the script has in it to hold on its own, both the lead actors have gone through painstaking times to get their look right. In fact while Rajneesh's make up used to last at least a couple of hours, especially for the portions set in 17th century, for Karisma it took even longer. However, the perfectionist professional that she is, Karisma never once complained. She has given it all to this role, or shall we say roles, and is gung ho about being seen in four different looks", the source adds.

It isn't just the look that differs though for the lead couple here. Apparently, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has put a lot of stress in changing the background as well as social standing of each of these characters as well, hence bringing a new flavour in each of the episodes. When contacted, Vikram refused to make the pictures public stating 'It's way too early'. He also added that a glimpse of this would be revealed as a part of the First Look which is expected any time now.


After composing music for Salman Khan's Bodyguard, Himesh Reshammiya has now been roped in for Dangerous Ishq. This gets him out of the hibernation. Says Bhatt, "He has already begun work on the score. He is working on some mind-blowing tracks for the thriller."


Release Dates


Jukebox for Dangerous Ishhq will be put up shortly in Tseriesofficial facebook page.

Dangerous Ishhq music cd is available for purchase from Tseries website under 'web store'.

unfortunately music cds of Dangerous Ishq were not out in da music stores on 15th or 16th April...they are in all likelihood to hit da stores on 18th April [Source: Tseries]

also the songs will most likely be put on Bollywoodhungama.com [will put the link here when they are up]

 #DangerousIshhq Music will be out on 15th or 16th April 2012 Big Thanks to @TheVikramBhatt

Accorting to inside reports, music is expected to release in around 10 days [from today's date i.e. 6th April]...the music release date will also be shown in one of da forthcoming promos.

The movie is releasing on 11th May 2012.

The theatrical trailer of #dangerousIshhq should be out with Titanic 3D if all goes well. The poster by first week of April. - tweeted by Vikram Bhatt

final edit locked! 2 hrs 10 minutes....11th May. The marketing begins soon! teasers and promos will be out first week of April.  - tweeted by Vikram Bhatt

Dangerous Ishq 3D is going to Cannes - Tweeted by Rajniesh Duggal

Dangerous Ishq's last day of shooting is on 16th Jan 2012 - Vikram Bhatt


Lyrics by Shabeer Ahmad

Dangerous Ishhq (2012) Full Tack List
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Music Releasing on 15 or 16th April [as per director Vikram Bhatt]

01. TU HI RAB TU HI DUA - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tulsi Kumar
02. NAINA RE - Himesh Reshammiya, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal
03. ISHQ MEIN RUSWAA - Himesh Reshammiya
04. UMEED - Amrita Kak, Shahab Sabri
05. LAGAN LAGI - Shreya Ghoshal, Shahab Sabri
06. TU HI RAB TU HI DUA ( R & B REMIX ) - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tulsi Kumar
07. NAINA RE ( REMIX ) - Himesh Reshammiya, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal
08. UMEED ( REMIX )  - Amrita Kak, Shahab Sabri
09. NAINA RE ( REPRISE ) - Himesh Reshammiya, Shreya Ghoshal
10. ISHQ MEIN RUSWAA ( REMIX ) - Himesh Reshammiya

Ishq Mein Ruswaa is unconfirmed as of now.

Naina Re lyrics: Naina Re .... Tu hee buraa, Tu hee buraa, tujhse buraa naa koi.., khud hee dil kaa rog lagaaye, khud hi bhaithaa roye..

Lyrics of Tu Hi Rab song from Dangerous Ishq - " Tu Hi Rab , Tu Hi Dua , Tu Hi Rehnumaan " by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Himesh Reshammiya respectively !!

Himesh has outdone himself in #DangerousIshq. Watch out for the song Naina re, my favorite!- Vikram Bhatt..!!

"Naina Re" and "tu hi Rab" are sung by Himesh and Rahat saab resptvly...Rajneish on twitter.

Naina" - what a song by Himesh for Dangerous ishhq.. Keeps growing ...Tweeted by Rajniesh Duggal

"3 more days... Shooting "tu hi Rab" by RahatFatehalikhan, a beautiful composition by Himesh Reshamiya.." - Rajniesh Duggal

Himesh Reshammiya recorded the first song of Dangerous Ishhq and rocked it totally! - Vikram Bhatt




Jukebox for Dangerous Ishhq will be put up shortly in Tseriesofficial facebook page.



type in the search box 'dangerous ishhq' in small caps and select 2nd button 'Album/Movie Name' and press search...then previews of all songs can be heard.

Listen to Tu Hi Rab playing in da background



Box Office

BO report / collections can be found in:

> boxofficeindia.in

> in 'trade' section of bollywoodhungama.com

My Opinion

The music of Dangerous Ishq is set to catch the listeners by an unexpected surprise and make a solid impact, because:

 > The music will have a fresh appeal because this Himesh album is releasing after a gap of more than 6 months, it should strike hard on this count.

 > Himesh has sung the title trax, unlike Bodyguard where he didn't sing even one song in the OST although the score was great and a mass success.

 > The films genre which is kept bit of a suspense and under wraps, though it is now known that the saga spans over 500 years n over 4 decades, this gives Himesh ample scope to come up with new untried n untested experimental tunes and orchestration, as Himesh has never ever before attempted songs in 16th, 17th, 18th century era. So there is a lot of curiosity factor which should work in its favor.

 > The album has a song of Himesh-Rahat jodi combo called Tu Hi Rab which is going to have universal appeal n liked by one n all, Teri Meri Prem Kahani just recently broke digital download records and their association always produces classy music which is respected big time like Main Jahaan Rahu n Ishq Ki Gali.

So in a nutshell, the genre of the album presents ample scope to Himesh to experiment with sound and create never before heard melodies from his musical stable, plus given the fact that Himesh has come behind the mike to croon the opening number and the other one is sung by universally accepted singer Rahat Saab, half the battle seems to be already won. Now it is a question of whether the album can live up to its high set expectations and rwak da charts.

Though not directly related to Himesh, in Vikram Bhatt's horror klassik 1920 which also starred Rajneish Duggal...there was a song called Vaada Tumse Hai Vaada...as it can be seen from the visuals in the music video, the backdrop was set in the old age era and this soulful song did justice to represent the love tale and give it the right feel in that era with its old age singing style and traditional old age Instruments. Dangerous Ishq spans over 500 years with 4 eras, so bottomline is that it should also have one or a couple of soulful numbers representing the old age love saga as the narrative moves forward from oldest to the present century, as Vikram Bhatt knows what exact music he wants for his situational backdrop setting.