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Akshay KHILADI Kumar RWAKS...and da Khiladi series is back and it is well n truly on.

Akshay Kumar fans should thank Himesh Reshammiya because it is his conceptual brainchild to get the Khiladi series back after ages.

Release Dates

Expected music release date: 28th October 2012

The film, which is directed by Ashish R Mohan, will go on floors in June and current release date is 7th December 2012

"1st schedule khiladi 786 over, superb shoot amazing result "- Rakesh Upadhyay

"shooting for the major chunk of the month for khiladi 786" - Akshay

Release Strategy

Eros has decided to keep the screen count of Khiladi 786 in India at 2,786 screens - Taran Adarsh

Box Office












#Khiladi786 opens to a thunderous response. Morning shows are FANTASTIC.

#Khiladi786 collected approx Rs 34.30 cr nett in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 10.40 cr, Sat 11.15 cr, Sun 12.75 cr.

#Khiladi786 day-wise: Fri 10.40 cr, Sat 11 cr, Sun 12.75 cr, Mon 5.50 cr, Tue 4.90 cr, Wed 4.10 cr, Thu 3.90 cr. Total: 52.55 cr nett.

#Khiladi786 1st Week *India* Rs 52.55 cr nett.

#Khiladi786 Mon 5.4 cr nett. Steady!

#Khiladi786 Tue 4.4 cr nett. Holding well on weekdays.

#Khiladi786 Wed 4.05 cr. Steady on weekdays.

#Khiladi786 collected Rs 10.75 cr nett in Weekend 2. Grand total: Rs 63.25 cr nett. Breakup:- Fri 2.63 cr, Sat 3.37 cr, Sun 4.75 cr.

#Khiladi786 [2nd Week] Mon approx 2 cr. Total: Rs 65.25 cr nett. Rock-steady!

#Khiladi786 collected approx Rs 17.5 cr nett in Week 2, taking the total to Rs 70 cr nett


#Khiladi786 *opening weekend* New Zealand NZ$ 21,240 [Rs 9.62 lacs] ... Fiji FJD 34,969 [Rs 10.74 lacs].

#Khiladi786 *opening weekend* UK £ 104,156 [Rs 90.73 lacs] ... USA $ 228,967 [Rs 1.25 cr] ... Australia A$ 67,523 [Rs 38.45 lacs].

USA: #Khiladi786 Fri $ 70,300 [Rs 38.29 lacs] from 114 locations.

UK: #Khiladi786 Fri £ 27,764, Sat £ 39,773. Total: £ 67,537 [Rs 58.99 lacs] from 78 locations.

#Khiladi786 *total after 2nd Weekend* New Zealand NZ$ 59,311 [Rs 27.28 lacs]

#Khiladi786 *total after 2nd Weekend* UK £ 191,836 [Rs 1.69 cr] ... USA $ 352,684 [Rs 1.93 cr] ... Australia A$ 121,594 [Rs 69.77 lacs].

Khiladi 786 passes the B.O. test

Akshay Kumar returned back to his action roots with the latest in the Khiladi series Khiladi 786. last Friday. With record breaking collections in single screens and slow but steadily growing collections in multiplexes, seems like Khiladi 786 has passed its test.

 The music of the film has already become a rage and actor-singer-music composer-story writer and now producer Himesh Reshammiya surely has a reason to celebrate. The Indian Theatrical collection is around 40 crores in 4 days and should touch 50 crores in the first week and with no opposition in 2nd week another 15 crores is expected.

 This being Himesh's fifth film in a row that has joined the 100 crores club, taking into consideration the revenues generated from the Indian theatrical rights, satellite rights, overseas rights, music rights, and the video rights.

 Ending the year on a high note for the composer singer with songs from Bodyguard, Bol Bachchan, Oh My God, Son Of Sardaar, and now Khiladi 786, Himesh has given almost 25 hit songs this year. As for the year to come Himesh promises to up the ante with 50 hit songs.


Khiladi 786 Collectes 16.50 Crore In Week Two

Khiladi 786 collected 16.50 crore nett approx in week two which is a drop of 63% from week one. The second week has seen steady business at multiplexes and single screens but the damage was done in week one when the film could not collect well.
A 3.25 crore lifetime share in Rajasthan and 1.50 crore share in Bihar are the stand out performers for the film while Delhi/UP and East Punjab with 6.75 and 2.50 crore have hugely underperformed.



Khiladi 786 Tracklist:

 01. Lonely – Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh & Hamsika Iyer
 02. Balma – Shriram & Shreya Ghoshal
 03. Long Drive – Mika Singh
 04. Sari Sari Raat – Himesh Reshammiya
 05. Hookah Bar – Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh & Aman Trikha
 06. Khiladi (Title Track) – Vineet Singh, Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alam Gir Khan & Rajdeep Chatterjee
 07. Tu Hoor Pari – Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Chandrakala Singh & Harshdeep Kaur
 08. Lonely (Remix) – Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh & Hamsika Iyer
 09. Hookah Bar (Remix) – Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh & Aman Trikha
 10. Long Drive (Bhangra Mix) – Mika Singh
 11. Balma (Remix) – Shriram & Shreya Ghoshal
 12. Khiladi (Remix) – Vineet Singh, Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alam Gir Khan & Rajdeep Chatterjee


Akshay Kumar Deserves All The Credit for ‘Khiladi 786? Success, Says Himesh Reshammiya

With Khiladi 786 staying stable in the second weekend as well, the box office prospects of the film have soared further. While it had earlier seemed that the film would go just a little over the 70 crore mark, early indications are that 75 crores coming in is a possibility. No wonder, composer/singer/producer/actor Himesh Reshammiya was seen in a joyous mood as he celebrated the film’s success with the Comedy Circus gang.

Informs a source, “The party saw Sohail Khan, Archana Puran Singh and the entire Comedy Circus participants like Krishna Abhishek, Sudesh Kapil, Purbi Joshi and others joining in. When they prodded him to celebrate in his characteristic manner, Himesh was quick to oblige and came up with an impromptu jig that involved a medley of his 25 straight hits from Khiladi 786, Son Of Sardaar,  OMG Oh My God!, Bol Bachchan and Bodyguard.”

He was also happy to credit Akshay Kumar for the film’s success.

“Himesh went on record to state all over again that it was Akshay Kumar who was the real ‘khiladi’ in the whole scheme of affairs,” informs a close associate of Himesh.

With domestic box office expected to cross 75 crores, satellite rights bringing in another 30 crores, music rights fetching 5 crore and more expected from overseas and video rights, Himesh has all the reasons to rejoice. As for Akshay Kumar, he has moved on already and is now looking at an exciting year ahead with Special Chabbis, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2, Boss and Thuppaki remake occupying his schedule.


Himesh To Visit Ajmer Shariff To Offer Gratitude On 'Khiladi 786' Success

With an eventful 2012 behind him, Himesh Reshammiya is on cloud nine. While his major comeback as a composer has paid dividends in a big way, he has also managed to taste blood as a producer. With Khiladi 786 continuing to find its audience even in it's second week, the composer/singer/producer/actor/story writer has now decided to visit Ajmer Shariff to offer gratitude on Khiladi 786 success.
"Yes, Himesh is finalising plans for his visit", informs his close associate, "He is carefully planning his trip though. Last time when we went there to take blessings for his debut film as an actor, Aap Kaa Surroor, he wore a burkha, as a result of which a huge controversy happened. He doesn't intend any such thing to happen now."
With musical successes like Bodyguard (2011), Bol Bachchan, OMG Oh My God!, Son of Sardaar and now Khiladi 786 behind him, he has all the more reasons to be ecstatic.
Says Himesh, "I am very happy that my fifth film in a row has become a hit. There is no way I can miss visiting Ajmer Shariff soon and offer gratitude. 2012 has ended on a very positive note with 25 hit songs in a row and 5 films touching gold. It's a great feeling."
With the Akshay Kumar starrer done a business of 65 crores already just from Indian theatrical and still doing well due to positive word of mouth, there is added moolah coming in from the satellite rights (30 crores), music (6 crores), overseas plus video rights.
"All of this is good but this also gives me a pressure of delivering more hits next year. I have to see to it that I give 50 hit songs next year, at least two hit films as a producer and grow as a dependable actor", promises Himesh before signing off.


Himesh Reshammiya involved in KHILADI 786 casting decisions

When KHILADI 786 was being conceptualised, one man who was always on the forefront was Akshay Kumar. While Himesh Reshammiya is also responsible for writing the film (other than co-producing it and also starring in it), he was also involved in other casting decisions. Since the film is about con games being played with cops in the middle of it all, there is everyone from Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Mukesh Rishi and of course Akshay Kumar masquerading as a cop. However there was a slot open for another cop, a comical one at that. This is where Himesh brought in Rajesh Khattar.

''When the casting was being done, many questioned if Rajesh would be able to do justice to the comical character of a funny Inspector from Punjab Police. It was Himesh who convinced all that Rajesh was the right choice and got him on board. His conviction proved to be right as Rajesh carried the role with aplomb,'' informs an insider.

CHECK OUT: Akshay-Asin's live concert to celebrate KHILADI 786 music success

It was quite some task for everyone to come on board though. After all, ever since Khattar had played Shahrukh Khan's boss in DON, there were similar characters being offered to him, hence threatening to typecast him as an actor. However due to his theatre background, Rajesh - who was vying for different roles anyways - was sure that he wanted to break the mould.

Says Khattar, ''Apart from knowing each other since long, I guess seeing my plays on stage had convinced Himesh about my comic timing. I am eternally grateful to him because if not for him, I would have lost the role and thus a chance to prove my versatility in varied roles, something which is so important for any performer. KHILADI 786 gave me a chance to work with a superstar like Akshay Kumar and a sterling starcast. It surely is going to be a turning point in my career.''


"Bismillah is written in my Hands"

According to the self made superstar Akshay Kumar, The religious praising word 'Bismillah' is written in his hands in the forthcoming film 'Khiladi 786'. In an interview Akshay said "The number 786 is very lucky and religious number for Islam and Muslim community. According to Muslims, The number stands for 'Bismillah'. And in the film Khiladi 786, Bismillah is written in my hands.".

Akshay Kumar further added "I am really thankful to my fans and media who gave me this tag of 'Khiladi' and wants to see me again and again as 'Khiladi'. Though Khiladi 786 is not an out-an-out action film, But it's an Action-Comedy." On how Akshay got convinced to play Khiladi again, The actor adds "It was Himesh Reshammiya (Who is also writer and co-producer of Khiladi 786) who narrated me the script in a Flight and i was laughing out loud on every scene. As soon as the Flight landed, I told Himesh that i am doing this film."

Khiladi 786 is slated for December 7th Release worldwide. The film also stars Asin, Himesh Reshammiya and Mithun Chakraborthy. The film in 'Khiladi' series is in a 12 year's gap after 'Khiladi 420'.


Akshay on partnering with Himesh for KHILADI 786: This isn't charity

KHILADI 786 is all set for release and while the film's music has caught on in a big way with Akshay Kumar and Asin finding themselves in the middle of all the fun, the surprise element is said to be none other than Himesh Reshammiya.

big way with Akshay Kumar and Asin finding themselves in the middle of all the fun, the surprise element is said to be none other than Himesh Reshammiya.While he is wearing quite a few hats in the film, right from being a story writer to a co-producer and of course the composer, Himesh would also be seen facing the camera in KHILADI 786. Though as a composer Himesh has been doing quite well, what with year 2012 resulting in quite a few musical successes including SON OF SARDAAR, OMG OH MY GOD! and BOL BACHCHAN, as an actor he is waiting for a big success at the box office.

One wonders that when Akshay consented to work on KHILADI 786, was it the case of him stepping out and make a film for his friend Himesh?

'Himesh has created superb music for KHILADI 786 and you can't doubt that even for a second. However who can expect a great musician to storm the world of cinema so soon? Look at me; it's like me attempting to sing! I can whack out a tune, yeah, but I am not exactly what you can call a good singer nor, does that mean I should never sing? This isn't a charity case; this is a partnership all the way,'' Akshay details.

Now that should indeed be music to Himesh's ears. Pun intended!


Akshay Kumar Sniffs a Big Win as Music for Khiladi 786 Soars

Khiladi 786 has things going for it, and how. What started off as a ‘masala’ film in the offering by Akshay Kumar has suddenly emerged as the hottest film of the current season, and one man who needs major credit for that is composer Himesh Reshammiya. So much so that Akshay, who is also a co-producer here, and others associated with the film have decided to up the tempo in a major way as far as the marketing and promotion is concerned.

“They have cut loose their purse strings,” informs our well informed source, “Any biggie worth its salt would be happy to have two chartbuster songs up its sleeves. If there are three then it is an added bonus. However Khiladi 786 has only seen an escalation in its fortunes as far as its music is concerned, what with each and every song turning out to be bigger than the one released before.”

This can be evidenced from the fact that Long Drive, one of the most awaited songs from the film ever since its soundtrack was released, has turned out to be an instant winner ever since its arrival a week back. Before that it was Hookah Bar which has been a hit at pubs and discotheques already.

“These two songs are huge chartbusters all the way and Akshay, Himesh as well as the music company T-Series are gung-ho about the album’s fortunes,” an insider adds, “Actually the tone was set by Balma and Lonely and by the time the film’s title song and Saari Saari Raat arrived, it was more than obvious that the music was special.”

Meanwhile, an underwhelming response to the music of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Talaash only ended up leaving the music market wide open for Khiladi 786 to make a killing. With quite some space available wide open to create an even bigger presence, an overnight decision was taken to release Khiladi Mashup.

“I have always maintained that commercial cinema is what I go by. Also, I want to give audience what the market demands. I am told that each of the songs has been a chartbuster already. Wonderful, because Himesh had promised me that it would be the best music of the year whenever it would hit the stands. In such a scenario, it is all the more deserving for Khiladi 786 to see a ‘Mashup’ for itself,” says Akshay in an ecstatic tone.

With 10 more days still to go for the film’s release and the film & song promotion peaking already, one can well expect all the more euphoria to be generated by the time Khiladi 786 actually hits the screens on 7th December.


'There's no clash between Talaash and Khiladi 786'

Just two weeks ago, Ajay Devgn [ Images ] was forced to take legal recourse against Yash Raj Films for unfairly using their dominant position in the industry to manipulate exhibitors and distributors to release their film Jab Tak Hai Jaan in more theatres than his film, Son Of Sardaar, releasing on the same day.

Recent reports state that the makers of Aamir Khan [ Images ] starrer Talaash have asked single screen owners to allow an uninterrupted two-week run for their film when it releases on November 30. This, in turn, will leave with very few single screens for Akshay Kumar's [ Images ] Khiladi 786, releasing the week after.

Aamir Khan did not see any problem with booking theatres, and gave his reasons for it.

On the other hand, Himesh Reshammiya [ Images ], who is one of the producers of Khiladi 786, denied any clash from Talaash.

"With regard to Khiladi 786 and Talaash, there wasn't ever any clash," Himesh says. "The media has created this clash. The two films are not releasing on the same date. Our film comes a week after Talaash and by then, usually, only 15 percent of the earlier film's buzz remains." 

He clarified that his film was releasing in 2,500 screens all over India [ Images ]. "We are enjoying more than 2,500 single screens on December 7, the day our film releases." he said, "As per agreement with the theatre owners, not even single screen has been booked for Talaash on that day. "

The singer, music composer, actor and producer also said that he was happy with the kind of response he was getting for the music of the film. "The film has a great buzz and people have really liked the songs. I composed super hit music for films like Bodyguard, Bol Bachchan and Son Of Sardaar. It's time to showcase the work I had done during for the last one year."

Himesh, who will also act in Khiladi 786, was all praise for his co-star Akshay Kumar. "This is my first joint venture with Akshay. I enjoyed working with him. He is the real hero in this film while the rest are extras," he said.


Akshay turns Global Desi for Khiladi 786

There have been films, and entertaining ones at that, which have a secular touch to them. By bringing characters belonging to different religions, namely Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians, filmmakers have time and again aimed at passing on the message of unity in the country. However, Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya have went a step ahead. They have brought multiple global characters in the film and that too under one roof in a Punjab village.

"Yes, Akshay's father is played by Raj Babbar. While they are shown as Punjabis in the film, there is also an extended family all around them. This comprises of an African Grandma, an English Mother and a Chinese aunt", informs a source, "A combination like this has been never tried before. There may have been a family member belonging to another country but to have people from different continents like Africa, Europe as well as Asia attached to each other has been unheard of."

In fact this 'multi cultural' aspect of affairs is an integral part of the film's storyline which is written by Himesh Reshammiya.

"That's true, despite my character being that of a conman, I boast of a family which is so 'cultured'. After all, each of them belongs to a different 'culture'", quips Akshay.

No wonder, everyone associated with the film, most importantly the foreign nationals had a rollicking time shooting for the film, more so due to 'desi' intricacies involved.

As for his part in the film, Akshay smiles, "Well, in the film you are looking at such a lovable desi family that unfortunately no-one wants to marry into. You know; the typical family crisis where there is handsome son from the kind of business that no one wants to be a part of. Don't get me wrong, I am a wanted player; it is just that I am not wanted the minute I get a ring out."


'Khiladi 786' will be Rs.100 crore hit

Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Singer?composer Himesh Reshammiya, who has co?produced "Khiladi 786" with Akshay Kumar, is sure it will be yet another Rs.100 crore film for the actor.

"As far as Rs.100 crore is concerned, I am 100 percent sure and pray that the record Akshay Kumar has set with 'Rowdy Rathore' and 'OMG? Oh My God!' this year, in 'Khiladi 786' we will surely cross that figure," the 39?year?old said here Tuesday on the sidelines of a college fest.

Reshammiya was present at the event with Akshay and the film's leading lady Asin Thottumkal.

Reshammiya also spoke highly of Akshay's chemistry with veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty.

"Mithun da and Akshay's jodi has always been a hit. Mithun ji is a legend. He is playing Asin's elder brother Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar, who is a don and has done fantastic work," he said.

Directed by Ashish R. Mohan, "Khiladi 786" hits theatres Dec 7.


Talaash and Khiladi 786 may fight for theatres

The law of the jungle prevails in Bollywood. Might is right or so it seems. Three weeks after Ajay Devgn and Aditya Chopra battled it out for theatres for their respective films 'Son of Sardaar' and 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan', trade sources indicate that a similar fight may ensue between 'Talaash' and 'Khiladi 786' asking for a certain number of single screens and multiplexes.

Talaash is the solo release on November 30, Khiladi 786 releases solo on December 7. As of today both films have approximately 2,200 screens across India in the first week. Then, why the fight? Says a trade source, "The film corporation backing Talaash is reportedly asking the exhibitors to allow them to continue in a specified amount of screens in week two. At least three distributors from across India have confirmed that the Talaash agreement covers two weeks and that Talaash wants as much prominence in week two as it is getting in the release week. This could take away screens from Khiladi 786 whose release coincides with Talaash's second week."

Sunil Lulla, MD, Eros International, says, "We have nothing to worry about. We will eventually get our 2,500 odd screens." Official spokesperson for Talaash said, "Our distribution team is facing immense pressure from exhibitors to open more theatres, however our distribution strategy is in place and we are sticking to that. It's an Aamir Khan film after a gap of three years. A lot of centres' advance booking has opened days before it usually does."

However everyone is tight-lipped about Talaash's second week release strategy.


While dubbing for Khiladi 786, Akshay got into his character and wore his film costume

tweeted by Zoom TV

Asin insists being part of Claudia’s item song

While we see Asin dancing with Akshay Kumar and item girl Claudia Ciesla in the song Balma in Khiladi 786, it is learnt that initially the actress was only supposed to be a spectator in it.

As our source reveals, "The scene is such that Asin gets jealous seeing Akshay dance with Claudia. And she's supposed to convey that with her expressions."

However, when she heard the song on location at a Worli nightspot, she was keen to dance in it too. "She had not heard the song before, but once she heard it, she was insisted that she too perform in it too," divulges our informer.

Not surprisingly, even Asin's staff was praising the Balma track, saying it was sure to become a hit number. And since it was the first song of the film to go on air, Asin reportedly reasoned with the film's makers about how it was important for her to dance in the song.

"Eventually, the film's makers gave in to their heroine's demand," says our source, adding, "So, Asin's dance was incorporated as part of Akshay's daydreaming about her while dancing with Claudia."

When contacted, the film's creative producer Rakesh Upadhyay declined to comment.


Khiladi 786 creates a new music trend - Mashup

We have heard of remixes. But Mashup seems to be the new trend in music world.

The music of Khiladi 786 has got the whole nation grooving to the cheery and upbeat tracks. Keeping in mind the growing popularity of the songs from the film, the makers of the film have released a fantastic mashup of the all the tracks.

The 'Khiladi 786' Mashup has all the songs mixed together with captivating beats that give a perfect background to the extremely catchy lyrics. The highlight of the mashup is the rap by Honey Singh from the 'Lonely Song'. Mashup is definitely going to be played in all the popular hangouts and pubs.

The music of the film has already topped the chartbusters and the Mashup is further going to add to the popularity of the Khiladi 786 tracks. Himesh Reshammiyahas composed the music of the Khiladi 786.


Akshay and Himesh's superhit combination

Khiladi 786 music is the most popular music amongst the youth and the masses and that exactly is what Akshay Kumar had predicted when he heard the songs of Khiladi 786. Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya have given super hit music together earlier like 'Aitraaz', 'Phir Hera Pheri', 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye', 'Namaste London' and they have done it again with with music of Khiladi 786 which is a rage all over.


Akshay's fan to gift currency worth 1 lakh

A businessman from Sirsa, Haryana, Vipan Mehta plans to gift Akshay Kumar his collection of currency notes worth 1 lakh bearing digits '786' in the serial number. Vipan has been collecting the notes for 11 years.

He revealed, "I started collecting notes with the digits '786' when I suffered a loss due to sudden heavy rains. A customer had taken back a 50 note with the number '786' after a deal and soon afterwards, I heard that it had started raining in a nearby area. Thankfully, I managed to get the note back. And now that Akshayji's film  Khiladi 786 is coming, I want to gift him all the notes that I have collected. I want Akshayji to be blessed with good luck, success and fortune. I managed to contact the film's creative producer Rakesh Upadhyay to help me meet Akshay."


Special remix of 'Lonely' track from Khiladi 786

Himesh Reshammiya, known as the hit machine of Bollywood, has been giving only hit songs in a row back to back with the soundtracks of Bodyguard, Bol Bachchan, OMG! Oh My God, Son of Sardaar and now Khiladi 786.

The tracks of Khiladi 786 featuring Akshay Kumar have already caught on big time with the masses and youth. The track 'Lonely' in fact has gone on to become so popular that on public demand the makers have decided to come up with a special remix version of the track and also a music video featuring Akshay, Himesh and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Khiladi 786 is a special film for Himesh Reshammiya as it's his first co-production with Akshay Kumar and Eros International. Besides composing music for this action comedy, Himesh has also written the story and will also be seen in a pivotal role in the film. Khiladi 786 releases worldwide on Dec 7.


Akshay-Himesh relive Namastey London

Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya may have delivered quite a few chartbusters together but the music of Namastey London stays on to be a solid benchmark for both. Taking cue from that, in his comeback film with Akshay, Himesh has incorporated elements of 'Main Jahaan Rahoon', biggest and most memorable song from the film, in the music of Khiladi 786 as well.

"This happens in the song 'Lonely (O Baawariya)' which is basically a fun song", informs a source, "While Yo Yo Honey Singh brings all the 'masti' and Himesh joins in as a singer as well, and there is a point in the song where 'Teri Yaad Saath Hai', the most popular line from 'Main Jahaan Rahoon' is heard. It was an impromptu call taken by the composer and the singer since this was also an apt way to announce their return as a team."

The song, which was shot recently, also features Asin and interestingly, Akshay also imitates Himesh's trademark posture while holding a mike.

Says Himesh, "Yes, it was a conscious thought of me and Akshay to incorporate 'Teri Yaad' as it merged very well with this tune of the 'antara'. Honey Singh is also outstanding in the song. It's a fun song and we had a riot composing and shooting it. Akshay is in super form."

One man who is all the more happy with the developments is Akshay's friend and director of many films Vipul Shah as the move has brought back the memories of Namastey London for all involved.


Ajay Devgn's return gift to Akki

As a token of their friendship, Devgn agrees to have 'Khiladi 786' promo attached to his film 'Son Of Sardaar'

 In Bollywood, where one-upmanship comes to celebrities naturally, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn are setting a rather different example by being true to their friendship. Word is that the promos of Akshay Kumar's upcoming film co-starring Asin will be attached with Son of Sardar.

 The ice between the foes-turned-friends was broken when Devgn requested Akshay for the title of SOS, which was with the former's production house. Sources say that this time Devgn is returning the favour.

 A source informs, `It was a known fact that Ajay and Akshay shared certain differences during the making of Suhaag. The title of Ajay's film was already announced when Akshay expressed his displeasure over it as he was holding the rights of the title.

 Ajay immediately went and met him at Mehboob Studios. Akshay sent a NOC the very next day.` The promo of Salman's Christmas release has already been attached to Ajay's film.


Khiladi 786 crosses 1 million views on Youtube in just 3 days!

All Akshay Kumar fans rejoice. One of the most popular & biggest franchise is back! Within just 3 days, the teaser promo of Akki’s new film Khiladi 786 has crossed more than 1 million views on You Tube.

After a gap of 12 years, Akshay Kumar, is all set to stage his comeback as Bollywood’s original ‘Khiladi’ in a fully entertaining Khiladi 786.

The original Khiladi is back with great action and looks all ready to set the screen on fire. The promo shows Akshay looking charming as ever and doing some spectacular stunts giving the feel of a perfect Khiladi movie. After playing a cop in films like Rowdy Rathore and Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Akshay Kumar impresses in the look of a cop in Khiladi 786 too.

The film is already a ‘hit’ online! Fans across all platforms have totally loved the teaser. In fact #KhiladiReturns #Khiladi786 n #KhiladiBhaiyya have trended on Twitter for 3 days. The overall response on Facebook and Twitter has been fantastic.

Khiladi 786 is directed by debutant Ashish R Mohan (assistant director in Rohit Shetty`s Golmaal series), and stars Akshay, Asin, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya in lead roles.

The promo ends with a dhamakedar dialogue by The Khiladi which also throws some light on the significance of the title of the movie,“Naam Bahattar, Zilla Malkhanpur, Gaon Taasi, Sir Pe Haath Rab Ka, Aur Haath Mein 786!”

Khiladi 786 would be the eighth Khiladi film for Akshay Kumar in the series and it releases on December 7th.


Akshay's Khiladi 786 and Special Chabbis are heist dramas

Two of Akshay Kumar's under-production capers seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to one another. Neeraj Pandey's Special Chabbis is about a daredevil daylight heist undertaken by a group of charlatans posing as government officers assigned to raid a jewellery shop in a busy area of Mumbai.

Khiladi 786 is about a family of con-persons who masquerade as cops to carry out brazen fiscal dupe plans. Essentially both films are about a large group of men using the official uniform to commit brazen thefts. Akshay Kumar helms the cast of both the under-production heist capers featuring mainly male members in the cast.

Says a source familiar with both projects, "In theme there are striking similarities between the two. Both are comic heist capers where a closely-knit group of men carry out daring robberies in government uniforms. The difference is Khiladi 786 is more a fantasy comedy about con-jobs while Special Chabbis is based on a real-life heist that was carried out by imposters in 1987."

While Special Chabbis features Akshay as super con-man Mon Singh who hit headlines in 1987 by recruiting 26 men to raid a well-known jewellery outlet in Mumbai, Khiladi 786 features Akshay as an British-Indian con-man named Tihattar (73) Singh.

Says an actor from the film, "Akshay's father played by Raj Babbar is named Sattar (70) Singh. He is married to an angrez (Caucasian) Akhay's uncle Unhattar Singh (71) is played by Mukesh Rishi (and old friend of Akshay). He is married to a Chinese. Akshay is the first male member in this wacky family to fall in love with an Indian girl. He's egged on by the entire Singh clan to solemnize his relationship with Asin."

Himesh Reshammiya plays the owner of a marriage-bureau holding a world record for failed marital alliances.


First look of Khiladi 786 will be launched on Erosnow

Another double role for Akshay

While some actors get hardly any double roles, it looks like such parts are coming more easily to Akshay Kumar.

The actor, who was seen in a dual role in Rowdy Rathore a couple of months ago, will again be seen enacting two characters in his forthcoming action comedy, Khiladi 786, which he's also producing along with composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya. Initally, the producers and director Ashish R Mohan were planning to cast one of the top actors for the role of Akki's brother. But casting a big star would also mean scheduling the shoot according to his dates. After considerable thought, it was decided that instead of chasing a major star for his dates, it would be better if Akki himself played the part. It is learnt that the actor shot his double role before flying off to Muscat for his new gangster flick. However, the look he's sporting as his protagonist's brother is being kept under wraps for now.


Akshay Kumar an extraordinary 'khiladi': Himesh Reshammiya

Looking forward for the release of his film 'Khiladi 786', singer-composer-producer Himesh Reshammiya says Akshay Kumar is an "extraordinary" 'khiladi'.

"The 'Khiladi' franchise is very popular. And Akshay is coming back with a bang with it. The story is nice and fascinating. I must say that Akshay is extraordinary in the

title role of 'Khiladi'," Himesh said.

After string of action-comedy series 'Khiladi', like 'Khiladi'(1992), 'Main Khiladi Tu Anari'(93),'Sabse Bada Khiladi'(95), 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi'(96), 'Mr and Mrs Khiladi'(97), 'International Khiladi' (99) and 'Khiladi 420' (2000), which earned him the tag of 'Khiladi of Bollywood', Akshay is back with 'Khiladi 786, an action comedy.

Directed by debutant Ashish R Mohan (assistant director in Rohit Shetty's 'Golmaal' series), the film stars Akshay, Asin, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya in the lead.

"My company H R Music is producing it with Akshay's Hari Om Entertainment. The film is releasing on December 7. The story and music is by me. The music will be very good and audience will love it," Himesh claimed.

Meanwhile, Himesh is charged up for his singing reality show 'Sur Kshetra', a mix of Indian-Pakistani singers battling on the same ground.

"I am feeling nice to be part of this show. I have been a pioneer in starting these kinds of shows...have done almost six shows and this is something really big and different. It was nothing less than a India-Pakistan match," Himesh said adding that he hopes India wins this match.

"With an experience of 105 films and 550 songs, I have trained the contestants to the best of my ability. The level of singing will be higher. This is a matter of pride, where the music has to win," he said.

"I am representing my country so I would want it to win. It is just like the responsibility of the captain of Indian cricket team, so for me it is through music," he said.

The show has a new concept of giving either a zero or ten marks for the performance of a singer.

"The concept of zero or ten marks is quite innovative. A best singer would get ten marks and those who sing good will get zero. So there is pressure on judges. We hope the judging is done correctly, as everything will depend on them since there is no voting system," Himesh added.


Rohit Shetty to direct action scenes for Khiladi 786

Rohit Shetty may be known for his action packed films, but the ace director will soon be donning a new avatar, that of the action director. In fact we have learnt that Rohit will be designing the action for his assistant Ashish R. Mohan's debut film Khiladi 786 which stars Akshay Kumar.

Though the stunts in question are being designed by Rohit, the makers of the film haven't yet decided on whether he will be directing them as well. The major portion of the stunts will be revolving around Akshay Kumar. The film which stars Akshay Kumar, Himesh Reshammiya, Paresh Rawal and Asin is set to release later this year.


Colors TV has acquired the satellite rights from Eros for Khiladi 786

Colors TV has acquired the satellite rights from Eros for Khiladi 786


Akshay's a real-life khiladi

MUMBAI, July 2 -- Asin has just returned from shooting in Dubai for Khiladi 786 and is all excited about featuring in one of the oldest hit franchises that earned Akshay Kumar his famous moniker. Apparently, the actor landed the role only after Nargis Fakhri's unceremonious exit. Quiz Asin on this and she says, "I'm not aware of Nargis being approached. Akshay had sounded me out on this a while ago and I found the script really funny. Besides, Khiladi is a superhit brand."

She says that she had a great time working with Akshay on Housefull 2 and it was nice getting back together so soon. "Akshay is returning with a Khiladi film after 12 years and he's a real life khiladi too, playful yet professional. He's a prankster like my Bol Bachchan co-stars, Ajay (Devgn) and Abhishek (Bachchan), who haven't been able to make a bakra of me yet, but I'll have to be careful when we go on promotional tours. That's when the pranks were played out during Housefull 2," she laughs.

For Asin, another high is dancing to Himesh Reshammiya's tunes. He is not just the film's composer but has also written the script, and is playing a Gujarati man in the film besides co-producing it with Akshay. Asin, whose Bol Bachchan number, 'Chalao na naino se', is currently topping the charts, points out that the Khiladi film flagged off with a song. She says, "We have quite a few songs and I can't wait to film them. After Bol Bachchan, it's going to be Khiladi 786 till December 7."


Akshay Kumar gives Milan's dates to Khiladi 786

Akshay Kumar is going to adjust his dates from Milan Luthria's film for the shoot of his home production film.

Akshay Kumar is a through professional and known for being dedicated to films that he works on. The actor is believed to start his much touted Once Upon A Time In Mumbai sequel from August in Qatar.

During the same time, the actor is required to shoot a song for his home production Khiladi 786, which is releasing by this yearend. We heard Akki has given four days from his shooting schedule for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again to the Himesh Reshamiya film.

A source informs that the actor has four days free during the shoot of Milan's film. However, Akshay is planning to use those dates for the shoot of Khiladi 786. Director Ashish Mohan will be shooting a song featuring Akshay Kumar and Asin.

Now that's called time management!


Asin gets birthday cake for Mithun Da

The pretty actress who is currently shooting with the veteran actor in the much awaited Khiladi 786 was the first one to wish him for his birthday as he came on the sets.

Said a source, "Asin had got a cake from home and was the first one to wish dada on the sets. They have had a long association from their Housefull 2 days and share a very good relationship. Dada was really happy with her gesture and cut the cake with the unit."

When quizzed about the same, Mithun Da said, "Cake was full of love and getting it from a gorgeous lady, my day was made. I know Asin from our Housefull 2 days and she is not only gorgeous but very cute and caring. I miss her presence always. I wish she becomes big, bigger, biggest."


Akshay leaps from 45 feet without any harness

The actor performed a stunt without any safety equipment for his upcoming film 'Khiladi 786'

Akshay Kumar is known for performing his own stunt sequences. However for his new co-production venture with Himesh Reshammiya, the Khiladi decided to jump from a height of about 45 feet.

Although a cable and harness were organised for the scene, the actor decided to let go the safety measures with only mattresses and cardboad boxes to cushion his fall on the ground. An eye-witness from the unit says, “The shot was picturised on Tuesday evening at Madh Island.

The production unit and stunt director Jai Singh insisted that Akshay use a cable wire but he refused. The entire unit got together to watch Akshay’s stunt scene and were amazed at his decision to do it without any duplicate or safety measures.

The scene had Akshay jump from the balcony of a bungalow to come face-to-face with co-star Asin. While the entire unit clapped on the one-take shot, the actress was stunned by the Khiladi’s act and could not stop complimenting Akshay on the shot.”


Asin signed for Khiladi 786

The suspense is over. After it was declared by the makers that Nargis Fakhri would have to make way for another girl in Khiladi 786,  there were speculations galore around who would be the chosen one. While it would be futile to name the ones who were pitching for the role and were also in consideration, it has now been revealed that Asin is the chosen one.

"Yes, Asin has been signed for the film. In fact she would be starting the film's shoot immediately", says our well placed source attached to the film.

This would also make it second instance where Asin would be paired opposite Akshay Kumar (Housefull 2). Incidentally, Asin has been time and again repeated by her co-stars after being paired opposite them. Whether it is Salman Khan (London Dreams, Ready), Ajay Devgn (London Dreams, Bol Bachchan) and now Akshay Kumar, the girl is finding herself in every senior actor's wish-list.

"Her track record speaks for itself", the source adds, "She has already delivered three 100 crore hits (Ghajini, Ready, Housefull 2) and is course for fourth (Bol Bachchan). This places her right next to Kareena Kapoor who has an equal number of centuries to her name (Ra.One, Bodyguard, Golmaal 3, 3 Idiots). Asin has earned her place at the top and now Khiladi 786 is a reward for that."

With 'khiladi' being Bollywood's oldest franchise and the last installment being made over a decade ago (Khiladi 420), Asin would now be the new age 'khiladi' girl. The ones before her were Raveena Tandon, Mahima Chaudhary, Antara Mali, Shilpa Shetty, Juhi Chawla, Mamta Kulkarni, Ayesha Jhulka and Twinkle Khanna, who, in real life, is Mrs. Khiladi.


Nargis Fakhri out of Khiladi 786

After Rockstar, Nargis Fakhri was really excited to have signed her second film opposite superstar Akshay Kumar. But according to the recent reports, Nargis has lost out on the role.

The story goes that when Nargis was signed on for the film, Amitabh Bachchan was supposed to play her brother but he pulled out due to health reasons and date problems. Akhay, who is also the film's producer, roped in Mithun Chakraborty with whom he had recently worked in Housefull 2. But after they got Mithun on board, they realized that Nargis would not look like Mithunda's sister.

In the film, Mithun plays the role of gangster Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar and Akki was not willing to compromise on the role of the gangster so that meant he would have to let Nargis go as she would look too sophisticated to be an earthy gangster's sister. The makers are currently looking out for a replacement for Nargis.

In the movie, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya play Gujarati characters of Champak Lal and Mansukh and Akshay Kumar plays a Punjabi guy. Khiladi 786 goes on floors next month and will be directed by debutant Ashish R. Mohan and co-produced by Himesh Reshammiya.


Mithun's got a new casting agent

Akshay Kumar ropes in his new friend to play a pivotal part in his forthcoming film 'Khiladi 786'

According to an industry source, apart from John Abraham, Akshay got along with the veteran actor like a house on fire. “They’re very particular about their respective workout sessions and have a great love for food.

They bonded on these aspects during the film’s schedule in London,” recalls our source, adding that when they last met, Akki had told Mithun that he would love to work with him again.

However, little did Mithunda know that it would lead to something so concrete so soon. Buzz is that initially Amitabh Bachchan was considered for the same role, that of a don, who also happenes to be the heroine’s (Nargis Fakhri) brother. However, due to his inability to shoot extensively till September on health grounds, the makers apparently considered Anil Kapoor.

However, after many discussions within the team, Mithun was approached and soon finalised for the part. Incidentally, the senior actor is also believed to be quite pally with the director, debutant Ashish R Mohan.

Further, our source adds that there will be a number of clashing dramatic scenes between Mithun and Akshay, who plays a cop. “How their characters change towards each other also forms an interesting part of the storyline,” points out our informer.  


Nargis Fakri is the new Ms Khiladi

While Ranbir Kapoor walked away with all the accolades in Rockstar, Nargis Fakhri had to wait it out after her debut. Luckily, Akshay Kumar has stepped in to save the damsel in distress, and signed her on for his home production Khiladi 786, which he is co-producing with Himesh Reshammiya.

Fakhri, who starts shooting for the film in June, will play Khiladi's love interest. A close friend of the actress told Mirror, "She will be donning ultra-glam clothes in the film. It's a very sexy avatar."

Apparently, Fakhri has had her meetings with Akshay and understood the role well. Said her friend, "She is very happy. It was not easy for her after Rockstar where Ranbir got all the praise. Khiladi 786 is not a small film. Moreover, Akshay has had a big hit in Housefull 2 only recently. All this adds to her excitement."

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Akshay has acted as saviour. It is common knowledge that he also helped another girl like Fakhri, who didn't know much Hindi and didn't look much Indian to boot, the girl in question being Katrina Kaif. The shooting begins on June 20. The film will be directed by Ashish R Mohan. We hear Nargis has already started attending workshops to prepare for her role.


Anil Kapoor to repeat his Tashan act in Khiladi 786?

Anil Kapoor is known for his 'Jhakaas tapori roles in Bollywood'. We've seen him doing the tapori act in many films. After playing the maverick gangster in Yash Raj Films' Tashan, Anil Kapoor is all set to repeat his tapori act in his forthcoming film Khiladi 786.

The film that stars Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya in lead roles will see Anil Kapoor in a very different avatar. We hear the actor is excited about his new tapori don look which will be drstically different from his other tapori looks. The makers are not in favour of revealing his look and would lke it to be a surprise for the audiences.

Khiladi 786 is being directed by Ashish R Mohan, an assistant director of Rohit Shetty. The action comedy has been jointly produced by Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya.

The film is already on floors and will be a Diwali release. Khiladi 786 will clash with Ajay Devgn's Son of Sardar and Shah Rukh Khan's yet-to-titled film directed by Yash Chopra.


Sunny Deol in Khiladi 786?

Recently, we announced that Anil Kapoor has joined the Khiladi 786 team. Now credible sources say, Sunny Deol is the film’s new entrant.

The cast and crew will start shooting next month in Punjab, where Sunny is expected to join them. Khiladi 786 has a perfect mix of action and comedy with action heroes like Akshay, Anil, Sunny along with Paresh Rawal known for his brilliant comic timing. South sensation Ileana D’cruz is the female lead. Himesh Reshammiya who is co-producing the film with Akshay, also has an important role to play.

Reportedly, Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol are the two dons, while Akshay works for them as a fearless gunda. Directed by Ashish R Mohan, the film is tentatively slated for release this Diwali, with Shahrukh Khan’s film with Yash Chopra and Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardar.


Anil Kapoor joins Akshay, Himesh for 'Khiladi 786 '

Anil Kapoor has been signed on to play a pivotal character in 'Khiladi 786', which will star Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya, who are also co- producing the film. Anil agreed to act in the film after his character was redone on the scripting table for a meatier role. After his brush with the Oscars through 'Slumdog Millionaire'and the failure of films like 'No Problem', Anil Kapoor seems to have realised the importance of good films and agreed to 'Khiladi 786'only when the scope of his work along with the narrative of the film was modified. Convinced this time around with the narration of the 'nirdeshak', Anil seemed not to have any more 'shak'and signed the dotted line.


Akshay comes full circle as 'Khiladi 786'

For 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar, return to the signature series with the same title, after a decade, is a deja vu moment. The actor is returning to the Khiladi series through 'Khiladi 786', twelve years after he had played a con man in Khiladi 420 in 2000.

"It (Khiladi) is a title for me. Like wherever I go people call me Khiladi. I have that much emotion that I have always been referred to as Khiladi (sic)," the actor has said. 'Khiladi 786' is an upcoming action comedy film directed by Ashish R Mohan starring Ileana D'Cruz, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya.

"It has been 12 years that I haven't done that kind ('Khiladi') of a film. The role that I got, suits me...I think it was written for me...I am happy to be doing action films again," the actor said. Akshay began his acting career with action films but later took a break to dabble mainly in comedy movies.

The actor earned the nickname of 'Khiladi' for his action-romantic-comedy films like 'Khiladi' (1992), 'Main Khiladi Tu Anari' (1993), 'Sabse Bada Khiladi' (1995), 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi' (1996), 'Mr and Mrs Khiladi' (1997), 'International Khiladi' (1999), 'Khiladi 420' (2000). 'Khiladi 786' is slated for release in Diwali. (PTI)


Singer Arya’s plate full for 2012

The rapper and singer, who had signed 22 songs deal with Himesh Reshamiya’s music publishing company HR Musik Limited, will also render a track for ‘Khiladi 786.’ The film starring actor Akshay Kumar will be produced by the actor himself in collaboration with Reshamiya. Directed by Ashish R Mohan, the movie will be released under HR Musik. "As Khiladi 786 is still in pre-production and I have just recorded a track, so it’s too early to say anything about the music. We have to look forward to it.”


Akki sings for Khiladi 786-Made in Punjab

With his first attempt as a singer producing a hit track for the film Singh Is King, Akshay Kumar is all geared up to repeat history. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that the actor, who is co-producing Khiladi 786-Made in Punjab with Himesh Reshammiya, will render his voice to a hip-hop dance number for the film.  According to a source close to the developments, the idea was put forward by Himesh.

The source explained, "Himesh convinced Akshay to sing the song. Akshay was a little sceptical in the beginning, but when he heard the scratch, he was excited. The song will also be picturised on Akshay himself." The film, which is directed by Ashish R Mohan, will go on floors in April and will be released on Diwali.


Amitabh Bachan and Dharminder reportedly to star in Khiladi 786


Ileana to work with Akshay in Khiladi 786

The south Indian actress who makes her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu's Barfee has already bagged a second project opposite Khiladi Kumar

Her maiden Bollywood venture is still under production, and south Indian actress Ileana D'cruz has already moved on to her next.

The actress, after working opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Anurag Basu's Barfee, will be seen romancing Akshay Kumar in the actor's next home production Khiladi 786. The film that will star Akshay and Himesh Reshammiya in the main roles will hit the theatres in Diwali 2012.

A source informed Mumbai Mirror, "Ileana is very excited to work with Akshay in Khiladi 786. She has already given her nod of approval. The modalities are being worked out now."

According to the source, the decision to cast Ileana in the female lead for the film was taken jointly by Akshay and Himesh, the co-producers.

"Akshay Kumar is very fond of Ileana. He is considering her for two films that will be made under Hari Om Productions, his home banner. Needless to say, Ileana is extremely kicked about the same," added the source. Ileana remained unavailable for comment.


King Khan-Akshay clash next Diwali

Akshay Kumar's 'Khiladi 786' pitted against Shah Rukh Khan-Yash Chopra's next epic romance

After releasing RA.One on Diwali this year, Shah Rukh Khan will be joining hands with Yash Chopra for a festive release next year too. However, it won't be a solo run at the box office. His film is all set to clash with Akshay Kumar's Khiladi 786 Made in Punjab, his co-production with Himesh Reshammiya.

venture, featuring SRK and Katrina Kaif, was announced, the production house also stated that they would be coming out with it during Diwali next year. However, it seems Akki and Himesh weren't aware of it.

A source says, "There's no confirmation on Yashji's film. Sensing the date open, when Akki and Himesh finalised their film, they decided to release it during Diwali as well."

The film will be directed by debutant Ashish Mohan. However, even if the SRK-starrer releases during Diwali, Akki and Himesh aren't perturbed. Interestingly, it was also during the same festival that the last Chopra directorial released.

It was pitted against films like Abbas-Mustan's Aitraaz, Ram Gopal Varma's Naach and the digital coloured version of K Asif's Mughal-E-Azam.

"The script is the strong foundation of Khiladi 786, with a good dose of romance. So they're not worried about any other film releasing on the same day," maintained our informer, adding that both Akshay and Himesh have had decent success during Diwali. "Akshay's Blue registered a good opening in 2009 while Himesh's Damadamm made profits this Diwali," he said.

While none of the actor-producers were available to comment, a source associated with Khiladi 786 tells us that the decision was taken jointly by Akshay, Himesh and Eros International, which is a co-producer. "These days, it's very important to have a good release date. Khiladi 786 is a complete family entertainer.

So what better time to release it than Diwali? Eid, 2012 has been booked by Salman Khan for his Ek Tha Tiger. Besides, next Christmas, he's also coming with Dabangg 2. Diwali was the best time for us," explains the source.

The Yash Raj spokesperson says, "As we know Diwali is an exciting time for movie releases. The two films are completely different genres and without canibalising each other, give the audience a wonderful choice. We do not look at this as a clash. The audience will choose to see both the films over the usually extended Diwali weekend."


Khiladi to return on Diwali ‘12

The actors will be seen in Khiladi 786 - Made In Punjab, a film that will release in Diwali 2012

Himesh Reshammiya, even before his comeback film releases this Diwali, is ready with plans for next year. And this time, it won’t be Salman Khan who’ll help the music composer-singer-actor-and now distributor, but Akshay Kumar. Himesh and Akshay will co-produce a comedy titled Khiladi 786 - Made In Punjab, to release on Diwali 2012. The film will be directed by debutant Ashish Mohan.

A source informed Mumbai Mirror, “The film will be an action comedy. Akshay Kumar has already decided to release it next Diwali. Akshay will play the titled role and Himesh will be essaying the character of a Gujarati guy named Mansukh. Paresh Rawal will play Himesh’s father Champak Lal in the film. The female leads have not been finalised yet.”

Khiladi 786 - Made In Punjab will mark Akshay Kumar’s comeback to the Khiladi genre. His last Khiladi film was Khiladi 420 in 2000.

“The filmmakers are trying to rope in Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra for two pivotal roles in the project. The talks are on. Interestingly, the story of Khiladi 786 is the brainchild of none other than Himesh Reshammiya. He will also be composing the music for the project,” added the source.

When contacted, Himesh Reshammiya said, “It’s too early to talk about the project.”


Himesh Reshammiya joins hands with Akshay Kumar for 'Khiladi 786'

Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya have joined hands to produce an action comedy, titled KHILADI 786 - MADE IN PUNJAB, which will release in Diwali 2012. The film will star Akshay Kumar in the title role and co-star Himesh Reshammiya, who will enact the role of a Gujarati named Mansukh, while Paresh Rawal will play Himesh's father Champaklal. The leading lady opposite Akshay is yet to be finalized.

There are two extremely pivotal roles in this action comedy, which, according to sources, will star two mature superstars. The film is directed by Rohit Shetty's assistant Ashish R. Mohan and has story and music by Himesh Reshammiya. Eros International will present the film in association with HR Musik and Hari Om Entertainment.


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November 2012




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Himesh Reshammiya

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