Starring: Sanjay Dutt as a cop

Music: Himesh Reshammiya


200 chorus dancers break into tears while performing an aarti with Sanju

Emotions are riding high wherever Sanjay Dutt goes these days. Like it was on the sets of Policegiri. The actor was shooting a Ganesh song with 200 dancers and choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Sanju was being true to the emotions in the song and even managed a smile when needed.

Watching him put on such a brave front, the dance director lost control of his own emotions. He left the shot midway, hid behind a make up trailer and burst into tears. And this, despite there being a considerable crowd gathered for a dekko of the shoot.

Seeing their Masterji rush out, a couple of dancers followed him. And even before Sanjay realised what was happening, he had dancers touching his feet and hugging him.

Some of them had tears rolling down their eyes. Unable to fathom the commotion, the actor stood wearing a stoic expression. But later he hugged Ganesh and had an emotional breakdown as well.

When contacted, Ganesh said, "Being associated with him for 25 years, I'm very attached to Sanju baba. Most of my dancers too, are very fond of him, like an elder brother, a father figure. It was out of our love for him that we were very emotional about him."